Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Worm Kewpie Phone Charm


Another very cute but very weird phone charm from, sadly this one is also sold out :(

Ebay Listing where I found the picture, read:  "This auction is for a "Sperm/Worm Kewpie Doll" cell phone strap hanger figure. Made in Japan by Buildup. Measures an adorable 3cm tall.
Condition: The figure is in original sealed/unopened condition. 2006"

Sadly, there where way too many bidders, or I would have tried my luck...oh well another time maybe, for now, he will remain firmly on my WishList!

My Doll Art!

Hey Peeps..

I had the crazy idea that I can showcase my artwork on here seeing as my 3 websites really need some work and meh...haven't had much time of late...

The first few pieces I am putting up on here probably should come with a WARNING lol sad but true...As they have been known to cause offence???

Ahem... it's only dolls but anyway, they have also been known to make people believe I have issues and need a hug?

"Er No...If you really wanna help me...give me more"
but anyway I digress, so here's the rub...the works I'm placing up on here will only be viewable to direct contacts of mine.

If the sight of doll blood upsets you...please don't view the images...If you do go out of your way to view them...please don't get all upset because well you had the choice didn't you?

I think that about wraps it up? so erm...enjoy...maybe!!

To Be Continued ...

Some of my Barbies...Yep I do have some...shock horror!!!

Repro Bargin Barbie!

I Bought this little lady on Ebay a few months back...she was nude but I'd already fallen in love with the dress and bought it with matching shoes for Blythe to wear lol when I got this Barbie I just had to give her this dress instead!
I paid £1.99 for her...woot, the seller said she had a slight split to one of her ears, but when I got her home and checked her out I found out it was a hair that had got wrapped around her earring lol happy me!
She reminds me of my cousin Lorna lol lucky Lorna looking like this doll!

I've named her "Retro Lil'"

She's an exact replica of one Mattel's Ponytail Barbe range of dolls from the 1960s, Like the original she came in a cardboard box, wearing a black and white stripy swimsuit and sunglasses.

This Barbie is from the Expressions of India Series. She's the Special Edition. Roopvathi of Rajasthan Barbie - from 1998.

The word Roopvathi means "Beautiful Lady" which I think sums her up!

Rajasthani Barbie

Dress made to resemble the traditional clothing worn by women in Rajasthan.

I've never taken her out of the box, I keep thinking about it, but still haven't been brave enough yet!

The whole premise of this series is that Barbie has visited India and fallen in love with the Traditional clothing the women wear ... although that doesn't explain why her hair has turned black and judging by the Bhindi in the centre of her brow, she has also got married!!

Still I'm not knocking it...this series of dolls are really beautiful.

(Sale Photo)

Part of the 1998 Dolls of the World series...This one is the Native American Pow Wow Barbie

I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw her...She's one of the Dolls of The World series from the early 1990s.

Pow Wow version - with "buckskin" dress, unfortunately she doesn't have her turquoise feather in her hair and is also missing the neck sash :(

she didn't come with a box, but she does have her original silver ring and earrings.

This Chrissie Doll is vintage, either 1980s or early 1990s. She came to me in a bulk purchase of Barbies, which I bought for use in art pieces.

As she's so pretty I had to keep her back and add her to my collection!

I'm such a sucker like that!!

She's wearing her original earrings, but missing her ring and clothing...oh well!

Dorothy Barbie
Man I love this doll, she's so much like the real thing...her voice box can get annoying tho' if you keep pressing it (like I did) lol

Wizard of Oz
I bought her nude and the clothes separate from an American seller, which worked out cheaper than buying her from Ebay U.K.

Her Ruby Slippers light up when she talks!!

She only says one of 2 things, which can get a bit annoying but she does sound like Judy Garland and well I love her!

Chic to Chic - Maya

Maya is part of the Chic to Chic Series of dolls made by White Ballon (a Spanish Company) . I bought her from a Seller in France.

Her eye make up is unusual as the black liner is made of bits of Felt, which really brings out the colour of her eyes - which are grey.

She came to me boxed, with a Certificate of Authenticity

Sekiguchi Kiki Monchichi

I had a couple of small ones of these when I was a kid... and also "clip-on" ones, they had arms outstretched to be clipped onto things...we used to call them cheekaboos !! No idea why tho'!!

I did have a larger one too, which I bought when I was on holiday in France.

This one is also from France..I bought him last year to replace the one I used to have!

He's holding a bottle up to his mouth...awww!

These Vintage little guys cost me a grand total of 50p!

Close up!
The one on the left (the larger of the 2) has a dummy in his right hand.

Rabbit Version, he can either suck his thumb or chew his carrot!

My Sindy Dolls

As a child I loved the Blonde haired Sindy doll I had and used to play with her most days...I much preferred her to my Twirl and Curl Barbie...Ironically, I lost my Sindy at some time over the years, but still have that Barbie!!

I have been looking for a replacement ever since... and I've been buying too!

My Girls:

American Sindy:

1979 Marx Sindy in original packaging.

I bought this Sindy from a lady in the U.S who had her from childhood, she's in a bit of a bad way as she's been badly stored for a couple of decades and has suffered some glue bleed to her legs due to the attic she was kept in so I'm told...

Unfortunately, she never came with her original clothes or stand.

1979 Marx Sindy

1979 Sweet Dreams Sindy, she has a "basic body" with 'sleepy' eye's ..When she is standing up, her eyes are open, but when you lay her down in her bed, her eyes close.

She'd been stored in an attic and as a consequence she has a lot of marks and issues :(
I've done some work on her and she looks much better now, another girl I'll have to take some more photos of!

1979 Marx Sindy

It took some time but I have managed to remove most of the marks and dirt from her body, called by storage in a humid place and also sorted out the glue "bleed" she had on her legs.

She fell over drunk, just as I was snapping the photo!

I have recently got her replacement outfit (dress and shoes) it's the exact one she would  have been wearing when bought... which reminds me I should take some more pics of her soon (any excuse!) 

I have recently bought her a replacement stand, the same as she would have originally had in clear plastic, so now she is once again complete!

The Sindy De Milo!
1984 Cut and Style Sindy
I was gutted when I got her from evil ebay ... the seller lied on the listing ... she had arms then tho' but they were chewed to hell ... the fingies had been eaten???

That  "Make up" some kid penciled onto her, the body is an awesome shape too lol but she has no back piece... just a big gaping hole where it should be ... :( 

                       Listing photo

      I thought about transferring her pretty head onto another body, but her grow hair is secured inside her body and thread through into a hole in the middle of her head... when I removed it,  she was left with a gaping hole in her head which I could fill I guess with hair but it's gonna need quite a lot!
    Unless I take it out and then glue it back inside again but I really like her body shape... and her belly button!

    Oh the dilemma!

    I posted her on Flickr when I first recieved her and asked my friends for help, one suggested I use arms from a clone doll while I figure out what else o do, so I did only they are pretty puny looking arms (all I had from a very very cheap clone) but they look okish and with something long on them it wouldn't show...

    I guess I'll never have her back as she should be so I could just make her Ooak and yes thanks for the idea about the hair but what's inside her head is plenty enuff to fill the gap so I'll just glue it in...

    The back will be a bit harder to fathom tho' as Simon's idea is great but I love the shape of her waist and would like to show it off so I'm gonna have to think about this pretty hard...

    I have been looking on ebay for arms too but meh no luck so far :( anyhoo I'll defo show her off again when I've worked out what can be done to her. Right now she remains a backless work in progress!
Sale photo
Sale photo of 7 Sindys I bought as do-her-uppers, when I posted this pic' on Flickr I discovered that the one on the far right (pink haired) is a Sindy Quick Change doll from 1982.

I found an Ebay listing for a boxed one, which was completed and sold for £89.99! Here's the photograph from that listing for reference: 

 She comes with 3 colour change pens and a remover pen for "dying" her hair, and a spare head on a stand, possibly for trying out make up on, or keeping as is for when you want her to look a bit more "norm"!

Anyhoo, back to my girl, apart from the slightly fuzzy ends, her hair was in excellent condition and I loved the purple parts too, I found it quite inspiring so I se to work hunting out a suitable outfi for her to wear.

And behold, "Purple Punky Sindy" was born! I have to admit I am so in love with the way she looks that this is now her permanent outfit..

She's wearing a 1/16th outfit (I think it's by Dragonforce) and "blythe boots"... as you can see the arms are a little long, but they are held in place with tiny safety pins so normal style arms should fit fine or as close as dam it also... this Sindy doesn't have any fingers anyway!

The shorts fit perfectly and are not too baggy in places (just enough for you to be able to get them on and off without a struggle) and the tights actually fit better than regular Sindy/Barbie ones do (no baggyness at the back etc) they also are not so thin that they rip when being put on/taken off!

So all in all I'd say this size outfit is ideal for Sindy and yay looks pretty awesome too! So I'll definately be buying some more 1/6th outfits for my creations when I'm again inspired :)

Reproduction Sindys:

BEA 1970s Cabin Crew Uniform:- Sindy is wearing a replica of the uniform that was introduced just before the merger of the British European Airways (BEA) and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC). It became the first uniform of the newly-created British Airways. The Original uniform was worn from 1972 too 1977 and the stewardesses had a choice of red, white and blue blouses to allow them to express their individuality.

BOAC 1950s Cabin Crew "Paper Dress"
uniform:-Sindy is at the height of Fashion in this replica of the paper shift dress, which was worn by British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) stewardesses in 1967 on flights between New York and the Caribbean. The dress had to be cut to 3 inches above the knee, which was in accordance with uniform s

tandards and the look was completed with beaded pumps and a flower in the hair, which Sindy is modelling

No more Brokeback Mountain for this Tonto!

He's found himself a lovely lady and is off to see the World, just as soon as he can work out how to get her out of the box!
1950s BEA Cabin Crew In Uniform :- Sindy Looks Stylish wearing the British European Airways (BEA) Uniform Introduced in 1954 and worn until 1960. With the nipped-in waist of the jacket & pleat at the back of the skirt, it reflects the couture fashion silhouette of the 1950's.

Made for British Airways
Each Doll is Brand New and Boxed
The Dolls are as follows
All these dolls feature the Sindy CLASSIC head specially created to achieve the original Vintage Sindy Look.

BOAC 1960's Cabin Crew Uniform:- This Stylish uniform , modelled by Sindy, was worn by Stewardesses on British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) worldwide routes from 1952 to 1969. Sindy is also wearing the latest style hat issued in 1966. Again you get one blonde and one brunette doll.

Brazilian Sindy:

Susi -The Brazilian Version Of Sindy 

Made by Estrela for the Brazilian market... this little lady comes with tribal tattoo (in white) well kinda tribal ... it's the logo at the front of the box done like a tat' and this weird little gadet for twirling her and your hair as well as spiral hair clips for you to wear... and she's mine..."ALL MINE"!!!

                        Vintage restoration / experimental Goth Sindy:

                                                   Sindy Flock Haired Tester Doll!

I'd already started on her fringe as she's a "Ghost Sindy" I thought she should be a bit Goth but as the rest of her head was pretty wrecked an not a good candidate for a re root so I thought I'd see if I could do the "Bouffant Headbutt Style" flocking on it! 

After which I whacked on a pair of L.B.E black "Patent leather" trousers and a Pullip corset and she had her new outfit to go with her new hairdo!

"Tonight Matthew, Sindy is going to be.... Lily Allen!!"

The Sindy on the left was half rerooted at the time of this photo, she's since been completed, see hard headed Sindy below comparison pictures..

"I wanna go over there...."

Ghetto Sindy regrets agreeing to baby sit her little sis' when she wants to go out cruising the neighbourhood!

Lol she's a Slipknot fan only she's pretending to be all gangsta 'cos she fancies one of the boys who hangs on on the end of the street!

Facially she's near on exactly Sindy and she has the added bonus of having articulated limbs... so great to pose and 'cos of her hand shape she can actually hold onto Sindy's fingers in this shot! lol she's not realy a Sindy more of a Zodiac Toys

Sindy Re-Roots:

Before & After Sindy re-root...

Just finished and my finger hurts :(
Sorry the "after" shot is a bit hazy I can't seem to take photo's for toffee today anyhoo, you get the gist!!
replacement hair is from a barbie Hair Grow refill ... Stolen!!

Pedigree Sindy re-root in Fairy's Breath Nylon

Finally got the rest of the hair needed yesterday so I was busy finishing this little lady off last night!
Gave here some pink lipgloss too ... shame the pic's a bit blurrey tho' sorry guys but this was the best snap I could manage hahaha

Hasbro "Smirky" Sindy!

Head re-rooted in Pillarbox Red Saran, lips & Eyebrows repainted. I finished this little girl a month or two ago (finally!) but have only just got around to photographing her and showing her off! I've just realised she still needs a bit of work as she has a faint "face line" which I'll have to either remove or bring the hair line down a little...hmmm

Clones and other "Family" Members:

Camay Tammy Clone - Moved in today!

I just love the pattern on her dress too it's so 50's with a touch of christmas too!!

Tammy's First close up!!

She's in perfect condition, no crazy chops to her hair or bitten toes or hands either!
Jeez I do believe I'm in love!!

Vintage Zodiac Jointed doll 

Debenhams "Sindy"