Sunday, 22 June 2008

Oh and I discovered something else recently...not as cool as that Jigsaw but still cool ...Check this out!!

A Cool ass site where you can upload your own pic's and turn them into multi imaged mosaic posters etc...pretty cool huh?

The site is limited to only a few actions that you can perform and there is only 13 types of images which you can click to have made into your image but it produces some cool ass effects... The thing to do is try a few different types of image, coloured backgrounds etc and then upload to make an original masterpiece...and better still no download required!! wooooot I tell ye!

ok here's a sample ...

Oh and another...showing a close up of what you get wooot!

How cool is that? And you can set it so it makes the multi images more visible from far away or your own uploaded image if you prefer....anyway enough of my rantings...go check it out!!!

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