Friday, 14 August 2009


I love my new boy and just had to show him off!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

My New Baby - Yay he's finally here!!

Originally posted in Dolls More Dolls on Multiply - 4th August 2009
I've waited not very patiently lol for nearly 2 weeks for him to arrive from china and now he has wooot!

I was so worried I'd have customs tax to pay on him as he was $2 over but yay the seller marked him as a gift and put his value at $10 woot so fooled 'em!!

I'm so happy I'm bouncing off the walls!!!!!

Just unwrapped and being admired!        
                                                      Came with a cute little sticker too!

"My what big eye-holes you have"!
I just love the way this body is fully posable and holds it so well...every bit moves ... he's just so cool lol
"Aww he looks kind of expectant"
Cut down the jeans a while ago for Sad Eyed Susie to wear but just had to try them on him...have a major shortage of boy clothes here :(
Did a little face up :-S
First time with one of these dolls...I wanted the colours to be subtle and natural looking.
Akimoto Chillin'
Yay It's here at last now he's face is just how I want it his name has come too!

He's called Akimoto meaning true Autumn.
My handsome boy *Grin*

Ooo he hasn't even got hair yet and already he's wooing the ladies!

Friday, 24 July 2009

I've discovered a great new site....

It's called and the deal is you can donate 1p (ok not that much but it gets better!) to the charity of your choice just by signing up to them and them using a search engine...every time you search anything in Google or where ever your charity receives money....for someone who does as much research as I do this is a great thing 'cos I'm gonna be able to make sure that I can give money to Llys Nini Animal Shelter without having to put my hand in my empty pocket and just by doing the thing I love most...learning new stuff!! woooot

I've also added it to Facebook to spread the word....please check it out if you have a spare few mins.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Wanted - Bratz Boy doll Clothes

Hi Guys!!   

Just needed to ask...if anyone has any Bratz Boy Doll clothes they don't want can they please let me know?

I've just been unable to stop myself from clicking Buy It Now on that cute little Hujoo Boy I fell in love with lol only problem is I have no boys clothes for him to wear when he comes lol

Oh dear looks like he's gonna be cute and nakie hahahaha

Cheers all,


Sunday, 12 July 2009

My latest things... Wooooot!!!!!!

Rockabelle Beauty Cutie *Grin*
Gossip Girls!
(Kidcore and vintage native American & native canadian Dolls)
Letting the newcomer in on what goes on here!

Miffy's 6 inches high (approx)
Babbling Boo Doll.
Boo Found her Kitty!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Michael Jackson - 29 /08/1958 to 25/06/2009

I Can't Believe Michael Jackson Is Really Gone...

That newsflash knocked me for six, I just sat there with my mouth open and tears rolling down my face.... it seems so unreal and on my Birthday too :(

I saw Michael Jackson live at Wembley on the Bad Tour when I was 13 and man that guy, different costume for each song, did exact dance from video for each and he never stopped moving the whole 2 hours of it now that's one hell of a performer but then reading about his childhood and how he had to push himself to perform I guess that kind of perfectionism would rub off on you even as an adult.

I was so sorry for him for many reasons but I think the worse thing was the body dismorphia how could he not look at himself and see a gorgeous man staring back at him? thats so sad :(

I did kind of get a bit weirded tho', I have to admit it, with all those allegations I was left kinda half admiring him still and half feeling like he was a walking car crash :( maybe if he hadn't have settled out of court I would have felt like there's no truth to it, afterall that was my initail reaction, then with the 2nd case I thought well yeah makes sense afterall that kids parents made a lot out of the first case right? But it still didn't quite make sense afterall what parent would allow that to happen to thier child and still keep allowing thier child to be in the company of the person who they suspect or know abused them? pretty fishy a?

And when it came to Michael Jackson well he was like a child trapped in a man's body, I always felt that so to me it was fitting him living in Neverland and all...

The first record I ever bought was Blame It On The Boogie by the Jackson 5 when I was about 6 and after that I was hooked! I had scrapbooks full of every newspaper cutting I could get, BubbleGum Cards, a doll dressed in Thriller Costume that really looked like he did in the early 80s spent most of my pocket money on that doll about £4 I think but I just had to have it! To say nothing of all his albums, from his time with the Jackson 5 until the mid-90s I had them all,picture discs too,The Making of Thriller Video, The Legend Continues Video,His Book Moonwalk...I even had a 4 foot mirror and I kept the cup my Pepsi came in at the Wembley Gig!

I was mental for him...for most of my life, my adolestence was filled with dreams that one day I'd met him but now he's been taken from us fans and his family and it seems so so unnecassary the way he passed and so quickly, one minute my son's on msn talking to his friend who said MJ's had a heart attack and I'm thinking internet rumour next minute "We interrupt this news report to bring you breaking news....."

Poor poor Michael I really hope he has finally found peace now and that his children have the love and support they need to see them through this awful time and for the rest of thier lives.

Sleep well Michael, you'll never be forgotten, x

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Appeal for Missing Teenager - Andrew Gosden, Missing Since 14th September 2007

I spotted this on the back of a toilet cubicle door in Magor.

As a mother of a teenage boy it touched my heart so I took a photo to hopefully raise awareness and help him to be reunited with his family.
At the time of his disappearance in 2007 he was 14 years old.
Andrew has been missing from Doncaster, South Yorkshire since 14 September 2007.

Andrew was seen on CCTV cameras coming through King's Cross station in London on that day.

Andrew’s family are extremely worried and there is concern for his welfare due to to his age. He can call the Runaway Helpline on Freefone 0808 800 7070 for confidential advice and support.

Andrew is 5ft 4ins tall, of slim build with collar length, light brown hair and brown eyes. It is thought Andrew will be wearing black jeans, a black T-shirt and black trainers.

Andrew may be carrying with him a black canvas satchel with patches of rock/metal bands on it.

Anyone in the Metal/ Goth Music scene may have information that will help.
If you have any information please go to the Bebo Page, dedicated to finding Andrew




Alternatively you can phone the Freephone number above.

Thanks everyone,

Friday, 12 June 2009

More Photo-Silliness!

I made this for a guy I know Because he lives in his own little world!!

I just wish I could remember which online Editor I used now, I thought it was called "Image Makers" but I've just Googled it and *sigh* I can't find any that make images like this one now, I guess that will teach me to take note of the online applications I use in future!

If I do re-discover it in the future, I'll update this post, after all you may want to use it yourself one day!

Paper Rose - 2nd May 2009

I made this paper rose from a template I found on Canon Creative Park ... I've scented it with rose oil...

If you wanna make one...go to Canon Creative Park:

1978 Rubber Miss Piggy Before Restoration

Below is my 1978 Rubber Henson Associates... She was pretty scary when I got her, as you can tell from these pictures!

The restoration is now complete and I have been showing off my handiwork in my Doll Collectors Group, because one of my Dolly Friends donated Miss Piggy to me!

I have uploaded these pic's and the "after" ones to my Dolls Group:

Lol ended up with 31 comments about this restoration!

So I uploaded these pic's onto my flickr photostream too! now I'm just waiting to see just  what happens there!

My latest Mini - Make!

Four "12 inch Blythe sized" readable magazines:

Aqua Blue: Asian Dolls - Clothing Catalogue.

Natural Life: Household Goods Catalogue.

Travel Plan: Wildlife Magazine.

Miniature Making vol.24!

Lol I don't think the clothing catalogue was such a great idea tho' you should see the price of the shoes lol and I just know Blythie's gonna want everything and I'm gonna look into her big eyes and have a real hard time saying no!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I have new rement...Wooot!!

I love the attention to detail in this set so much, even the Tequila bottle has a tiny slice of lemon that goes in the top and acts as a stopper!

And I guess it looks like Blythie's having Mexican for dinner tonight!!

Interesting L.B.E Stuff I found 31st May 2009

I Found this on a website yesterday, along with the other LBE pic's here...

Side panel doll pic's look very similar to Blythe so I have emailed the site and requested information ..will update this as soon as I hear from them. LBE Box ( New Dolls?)

Appears to be orig' run marketing but not too sure...hmmmm

Original Packaging.

Flickr Comments:

nico the neko says: 
Verrry interesting...
Honestly I certainly do hope they re-release them.

Demonic Angel 1975 Pro User says: too...esp' if they have pull strings *grin* not sure if I want them to be so Blythe tho' I think they're cuteness was half to do with the fact they were different...also not sure how this will work out as I read that Takara was the reason for them being discontinued - they had a major hissy fit as they said the dolls were too Blythe -like (after they bought the rights to Blythe) and said it was a copyright infringement apparently .... hmmm... curious a?!

This set was Favorited on Flickr, but unfortunately it had to be removed from my photostream as the images are not my own, and so doesn't adhere to flickr guidelines :( sucky

I don't know what this is but I want one!

If anyone knows what it is or where to get one.. please let me know! 


Oh and also, does anyone know why it has "After Them" written on the picture and how does this relate to the cuteness I see before me?

Petite Blythe -Treasure Hunt

This is too cute!!

I really want one of these now I've seen this video lol the power of advertising!!

Noeluna says: 
Haha really cute ^^

Demonic Angel 1975 Pro User says:
*Grin* ... I Know!
My son who's never liked Blythe (He's Pullip Mad) saw this and straight away said.."I want one!"

Dal Doll with Doll!

I wish for a Dal like this one *sob*

I also wish I'd liked dals when they were dirt cheap *sob* trust me to only fall in love with them when they go spendy :(

Russ Berry Monkey

It was being sold by a doll's group friend of mine :( 

I didn't have the cash or I would have bid on him!

I don't know what type he is, except that he was made by Russ Berry, but he's old... not terribly old but at least 10 to 15 years old.

I think it must be the fact you can stick his fingers up his nose that appeals to me!!

The First Emperor's Terracotta Warriors

I just love this image...unfortunately another one I have had to remove from my Flickr Photostream, due to their silly rules, odd how they allow other people to post pictures that are so obviously not their own images, ho hum!

Aaron and I went to see this exhibition when they brought them over from China this year.

It was actually my second time of going, I went to the first exhibition in the Early 1980s when I was a child, it wasn't in The British Museum though, and we had to climb down a ramp to the statues, we could walk around them and touch them then though!

I found the exhibitions fascinating both times, for the fact that these awesome things were made, and life-sized Horses and carriages too, which much have been so hard due to the technology available at the time to produce them, then couple those things with the fact that each one is individual as no two people in the Emperor's Army were alike it's mind blowing! 

The other reason I found this exhibition so fascinating is because they had addition information that they either didn't have last time I went or I was too young to take in... so the comparisons between the two exhibitions also fascinated me!

We had a great day out in London and I took Aaron to Buckingham Palace so we could watch the "Changing of The Guards" too as we had an overnight stay in a Hotel before coming back home to Wales, so all in all it was a really fun and memorable experience for us both.