Sunday, 17 May 2009

Betty - Down Syndrome Doll

Well here's a doll that's causing one hell of a lot of controversy within the Downs Community....Many Parents are up in arms about this doll, which was apparently designed by a Pediatrician and distributed by Helga's European Specialty Toys is for children facing medical treatments and Down Syndrome.

This is a Down’s syndrome doll which has been designed with the characteristics of children born with the condition.

It’s one of an increasingly popular — but hugely controversial — range of dolls with different disabilities produced to give youngsters with health problems a toy with which they can identify.

The manufacturers claim such dolls, which are finding a growing market in Britain, help ‘normalise’ conditions like Down’s syndrome so young sufferers don’t feel so different from their friends. They even say such dolls may help make disabled people more accepted by society.

Children undergoing cancer treatment can get ‘chemo’ dolls which are bald and come complete with headscarves.
Others are available with hearing aids, glasses, guide dogs, wheelchairs, crutches and leg braces.

Many parents of disabled children have welcomed the dolls as a realistic alternative to the physical perfection of the Baby Annabells already on the market.

Others, however, dismiss them as a sick joke. In fact, their detractors believe they only emphasise a disabled child’s differences to their able-bodied friends.

The Jury's still out..

purple_ebren says: Well, I'd be in all for giving such dolls to 'able' children. I think they are a brilliant idea personally . . .
Posted 3 weeks ago.

Demonic Angel 1975 says: Yes I agree...for able bodied kids it would be a great idea but quite a few parents of downs children are upset because they say the face moulds on these dolls are sterotypical and they don't see their child as looking like this...they also say thier child doesn't see themselves this way so I don't know I'm kinda confused by it!

Aidmenot says: A late cousin of mine had Down's Syndrome, and (I did not like her saying this, I assure you!) she always said that I was her favourite cousin. Her middle name was Joy - and that's what she brought into the world to all who knew her.
Posted 3 weeks

Demonic Angel 1975 says:  Awww aidmenot that's so cousin's little boy had down's too...I never got to met him tho' it was before my time... but I on my travels I have found people with down's syndrome to be so happy and much fun to be around ... it's a shame the same can't be said for most "able bodied" people! *sigh*
 Posted 3 weeks ago.

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