Friday, 12 June 2009

1978 Rubber Miss Piggy Before Restoration

Below is my 1978 Rubber Henson Associates... She was pretty scary when I got her, as you can tell from these pictures!

The restoration is now complete and I have been showing off my handiwork in my Doll Collectors Group, because one of my Dolly Friends donated Miss Piggy to me!

I have uploaded these pic's and the "after" ones to my Dolls Group:

Lol ended up with 31 comments about this restoration!

So I uploaded these pic's onto my flickr photostream too! now I'm just waiting to see just  what happens there!


mari newmar said...

herbie please go to ebay look at item number
Casper the Ghost with Dog Spot by sun rubber
look at photos
can you fix those chew like marks
how much will it cos
my email
before i bid iam checking around about repairs
reply most appreciated

mari newmar said...

I love this casper and iam 64 and never saw one in mint
it is starting at 40.00 and i dont know if it is worth purchashing because can it be repaired
sun rubber casper the ghost with dog 1960
has chew like scars on it

Herbie said...

Hi Mari,
Thank you so much for asking my advice... I have sent you an email with regards to your question, please check your inbox.
Herbs x