Monday, 8 June 2009

My Replacement Dolls House

Here's a little story about how I lost my 2 dolls houses...

I had a 1950s triang which my cousin gave me (it was her Granmas) and also a 1970s Geebee (Big) one too...full of what I now know to be Barton & Lundby furniture I even had some stuff from the 1950s too! ... I had a full family of Barton people...the parents and children lived in one house and the Granparents in the other, and they'd visit each other have tea etc...I used to spend all my pocket money on them ...

For the last 20 years I've been pretty gutted whenever I see anyone playing with a dollshouse on tv etc...esp' after looking on ebay and seeing how much everything I used to have all goes for :(

I really don't know how I lost them both, but It happened when we moved here when I was 12...

All I have left from those original dolls houses is 1 rubber baby doll who somehow managed to get herself seperated from the rest and stayed with me!

I packed My 2 houses and my furniture and families etc all up so carefully and watched the boxes being loaded into the van along with my sindy, Barbie and Princess Leia dolls and we followed the van to Wales...when they stopped we did...

I helped unpack it too all my things I'd labelled with my name so there should be no mistakes and the van was empty when it drove back to the hire company.

All I know is on that day I lost most of my childhood treasures and have been spending the last 20 years wishing I still had them and the last few years trying to replace them...kinda sad I know but when I hold something like the ones I had when I was small ... I get such a warm fuzzy feeling inside I can't explain!I

My childhood wasn't so cool, the only things that helped me get through it was the imaginary worlds I created with my dolls, they were my safety blanket keeping me sane...well almost!

But I look at it like this...everyone's got something they do to let off steam, some go to the pub every weekend, some buy everything they can so they can be just like thier fav' celeb, some buy shoes, some go on hoiliday several times a year...I don't do any of that I just try and get that warm fuzzy feeling back deep inside where it belongs!

The other day I won this Dolls House on Ebay it's a Triang ...similar but not quite the same as the one I lost...I got in a bit of a fight for it lol but in the end I won it for £12.00 + £10.00 Postage!

It's a doer-upper but it makes me feel good to see it sitting in my room!

I'll be putting up more pic's as and when I've collected more stuff and done the needed restorations, wallpapering this space! 

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