Monday, 29 June 2009

Michael Jackson - 29 /08/1958 to 25/06/2009

I Can't Believe Michael Jackson Is Really Gone...

That newsflash knocked me for six, I just sat there with my mouth open and tears rolling down my face.... it seems so unreal and on my Birthday too :(

I saw Michael Jackson live at Wembley on the Bad Tour when I was 13 and man that guy, different costume for each song, did exact dance from video for each and he never stopped moving the whole 2 hours of it now that's one hell of a performer but then reading about his childhood and how he had to push himself to perform I guess that kind of perfectionism would rub off on you even as an adult.

I was so sorry for him for many reasons but I think the worse thing was the body dismorphia how could he not look at himself and see a gorgeous man staring back at him? thats so sad :(

I did kind of get a bit weirded tho', I have to admit it, with all those allegations I was left kinda half admiring him still and half feeling like he was a walking car crash :( maybe if he hadn't have settled out of court I would have felt like there's no truth to it, afterall that was my initail reaction, then with the 2nd case I thought well yeah makes sense afterall that kids parents made a lot out of the first case right? But it still didn't quite make sense afterall what parent would allow that to happen to thier child and still keep allowing thier child to be in the company of the person who they suspect or know abused them? pretty fishy a?

And when it came to Michael Jackson well he was like a child trapped in a man's body, I always felt that so to me it was fitting him living in Neverland and all...

The first record I ever bought was Blame It On The Boogie by the Jackson 5 when I was about 6 and after that I was hooked! I had scrapbooks full of every newspaper cutting I could get, BubbleGum Cards, a doll dressed in Thriller Costume that really looked like he did in the early 80s spent most of my pocket money on that doll about £4 I think but I just had to have it! To say nothing of all his albums, from his time with the Jackson 5 until the mid-90s I had them all,picture discs too,The Making of Thriller Video, The Legend Continues Video,His Book Moonwalk...I even had a 4 foot mirror and I kept the cup my Pepsi came in at the Wembley Gig!

I was mental for him...for most of my life, my adolestence was filled with dreams that one day I'd met him but now he's been taken from us fans and his family and it seems so so unnecassary the way he passed and so quickly, one minute my son's on msn talking to his friend who said MJ's had a heart attack and I'm thinking internet rumour next minute "We interrupt this news report to bring you breaking news....."

Poor poor Michael I really hope he has finally found peace now and that his children have the love and support they need to see them through this awful time and for the rest of thier lives.

Sleep well Michael, you'll never be forgotten, x

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