Saturday, 6 June 2009

Robot Helmet

It seems that somehow, I have ended up back in the weird part of Ebay again, you know the part which thinks a "Human? Poo" is a similar item to a Vintage Mermaid Doll?

Anyway... this is the story of what happened to me this time!

I found this picture and not surprisingly given the nature of this item, it seems the seller has several of these "Robot Helmets" (ahem) they wish to get rid off...Although why anyone would look at these and think them a good item to make some money on, and therefore buy several in bulk is beyond me!

Now I ask you....

Does this woman have any idea how much of a dick she looks in this?

Is she aware she should have asked for more money to pose in it?

And how many people do you think are likely to buy this for Themselves or their kids after seeing what she looks like in it in the sale picture?



I've discovered there is a Child-Sized Version too! Rofl

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