Thursday, 14 May 2009

Donald Duck

My Latest Toy...wooot!, originally uploaded by Demonic Angel 1975.

My Latest Toy...wooot!

He needs a bit of work done on him as his paintwork has chipped and cracked in quite a few places, still I'm more than happy to do that, he's a great addiction to my collection as is, but when he's restored he'll be awesome!

He's a rubber Donald Duck from the 60's or 70's.... If anyone one has any info on him I'd be grateful!

1967 kamar Devil Knee Hugger

Just got this little man...should be arriving from the U.S real soon... Wooot!

He's got a couple of blemishes but I should be able to sort them out *fingers crossed*

1970 Kamar Devil Doll & 1965 Kamar Elf Knee Hugger

She probably isn't really an elf but she has an elfin look about her *grin* .... They are currently on their way to me from the U.S as I type...Can't Wait....wooohooo!!!!!

The Statue of Liberty Gets A clean 1930's

Not sure if this is real...found it on youtube last night...and thought it was wacky enough to post here!

I have to say though I admire the bravery of the "cleaners" in those days you'd most likely have nothing more than a series of ropes tied around you, and if you were very lucky a big net below!

It makes me want to get out my Harold Lloyd dvds now!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Pre-Christmas Waste - Storage Container #2


this is a pretty crazy thing I found on Flickr...

I think everyone should look at this set of pictures and read the blurb that goes with it...

It's so sad to see so many unwanted and unloved toys :(

And just think of the cost of all those gifts that have been saved from the landfill...

Not to mention how much waste and the cost of processing it must take to destroy them.