Friday, 12 June 2009

More Photo-Silliness!

I made this for a guy I know Because he lives in his own little world!!

I just wish I could remember which online Editor I used now, I thought it was called "Image Makers" but I've just Googled it and *sigh* I can't find any that make images like this one now, I guess that will teach me to take note of the online applications I use in future!

If I do re-discover it in the future, I'll update this post, after all you may want to use it yourself one day!

Paper Rose - 2nd May 2009

I made this paper rose from a template I found on Canon Creative Park ... I've scented it with rose oil...

If you wanna make one...go to Canon Creative Park:

1978 Rubber Miss Piggy Before Restoration

Below is my 1978 Rubber Henson Associates... She was pretty scary when I got her, as you can tell from these pictures!

The restoration is now complete and I have been showing off my handiwork in my Doll Collectors Group, because one of my Dolly Friends donated Miss Piggy to me!

I have uploaded these pic's and the "after" ones to my Dolls Group:

Lol ended up with 31 comments about this restoration!

So I uploaded these pic's onto my flickr photostream too! now I'm just waiting to see just  what happens there!

My latest Mini - Make!

Four "12 inch Blythe sized" readable magazines:

Aqua Blue: Asian Dolls - Clothing Catalogue.

Natural Life: Household Goods Catalogue.

Travel Plan: Wildlife Magazine.

Miniature Making vol.24!

Lol I don't think the clothing catalogue was such a great idea tho' you should see the price of the shoes lol and I just know Blythie's gonna want everything and I'm gonna look into her big eyes and have a real hard time saying no!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I have new rement...Wooot!!

I love the attention to detail in this set so much, even the Tequila bottle has a tiny slice of lemon that goes in the top and acts as a stopper!

And I guess it looks like Blythie's having Mexican for dinner tonight!!

Interesting L.B.E Stuff I found 31st May 2009

I Found this on a website yesterday, along with the other LBE pic's here...

Side panel doll pic's look very similar to Blythe so I have emailed the site and requested information ..will update this as soon as I hear from them. LBE Box ( New Dolls?)

Appears to be orig' run marketing but not too sure...hmmmm

Original Packaging.

Flickr Comments:

nico the neko says: 
Verrry interesting...
Honestly I certainly do hope they re-release them.

Demonic Angel 1975 Pro User says: too...esp' if they have pull strings *grin* not sure if I want them to be so Blythe tho' I think they're cuteness was half to do with the fact they were different...also not sure how this will work out as I read that Takara was the reason for them being discontinued - they had a major hissy fit as they said the dolls were too Blythe -like (after they bought the rights to Blythe) and said it was a copyright infringement apparently .... hmmm... curious a?!

This set was Favorited on Flickr, but unfortunately it had to be removed from my photostream as the images are not my own, and so doesn't adhere to flickr guidelines :( sucky

I don't know what this is but I want one!

If anyone knows what it is or where to get one.. please let me know! 


Oh and also, does anyone know why it has "After Them" written on the picture and how does this relate to the cuteness I see before me?

Petite Blythe -Treasure Hunt

This is too cute!!

I really want one of these now I've seen this video lol the power of advertising!!

Noeluna says: 
Haha really cute ^^

Demonic Angel 1975 Pro User says:
*Grin* ... I Know!
My son who's never liked Blythe (He's Pullip Mad) saw this and straight away said.."I want one!"

Dal Doll with Doll!

I wish for a Dal like this one *sob*

I also wish I'd liked dals when they were dirt cheap *sob* trust me to only fall in love with them when they go spendy :(

Russ Berry Monkey

It was being sold by a doll's group friend of mine :( 

I didn't have the cash or I would have bid on him!

I don't know what type he is, except that he was made by Russ Berry, but he's old... not terribly old but at least 10 to 15 years old.

I think it must be the fact you can stick his fingers up his nose that appeals to me!!

The First Emperor's Terracotta Warriors

I just love this image...unfortunately another one I have had to remove from my Flickr Photostream, due to their silly rules, odd how they allow other people to post pictures that are so obviously not their own images, ho hum!

Aaron and I went to see this exhibition when they brought them over from China this year.

It was actually my second time of going, I went to the first exhibition in the Early 1980s when I was a child, it wasn't in The British Museum though, and we had to climb down a ramp to the statues, we could walk around them and touch them then though!

I found the exhibitions fascinating both times, for the fact that these awesome things were made, and life-sized Horses and carriages too, which much have been so hard due to the technology available at the time to produce them, then couple those things with the fact that each one is individual as no two people in the Emperor's Army were alike it's mind blowing! 

The other reason I found this exhibition so fascinating is because they had addition information that they either didn't have last time I went or I was too young to take in... so the comparisons between the two exhibitions also fascinated me!

We had a great day out in London and I took Aaron to Buckingham Palace so we could watch the "Changing of The Guards" too as we had an overnight stay in a Hotel before coming back home to Wales, so all in all it was a really fun and memorable experience for us both.

Hello Kitty Street Racer Ferrari

Man how cool is this??

Well I'll tell ya.... It's So cool...I don't even care it's pink!

Picture photoshopped by Ryan Alexander for a friend - Nice going Ryan! 

Although that has of course lead a lot of people to assume that this car is the real deal and circulate the picture around the internet as a Hello Kitty Limited Edition Ferrari!

Everyone I show it to loves it as much as I do!!


MsMonae says: That is Dangerously HOTTTT> U go gurl..................................
posted 2 days ago.

Viewed in my Flickr photostream 60 times and favourited once!

Sorry everyone but Flickr rules mean I have to remove it and put it here instead :(

It was also part of the Flickr Hello Kitty Pool and linked to website! 

So that really sucks that I had to take it down, fortunately there are no stupid rules on here for posting and I can pretty much do and say what I like "Yay"!!

Hello Kitty Bus

I could happily live in this awesome bus *Grin*

It's a Hato Tours Bus and can be seen on YeinJee's Asian Journal:

or on thier website:

This bus has at time of deletion from my Flickr Photostream had been veiwed 40 times and favourited twice!

Deleted because Flickr have stupid rules and will not answer questions properly after taking 4 days to reply :(

It was also part of the Hello Kitty Photopool on Flickr, from where it was added to an awesome fan site!!

ho hum!

My Pet Shrunken Head!

I'd always wanted a Shrunken Head, and happily I found this one for sale.

 The seller said it was real, but of course it isn't! 

Not that I really mind as it's so well done, I just love it...

This is the sale pic' I still haven't got round to taking any of my own yet...ho hum!

Snow White Simba Doll

This is the sale photo...her dress is beautiful...I bought her just so I could steal it and use the dress for Blythe! 

Unfortunately it's a little big and this doll is in such good condition it now seems a shame to turn her into an Ooak, which was my original plan!

The dress is way too big for my Blythe, not that it matters (she did look cute in it though!) I've decided to leave her as is, as there is nothing I could do that what improve her, so I have now started gathering The Seven Dwarfs to keep her company, partly for the reason I just gave, but also because they are really well done, just perfect when compared to the Disney film!

Monday, 8 June 2009

My Replacement Dolls House

Here's a little story about how I lost my 2 dolls houses...

I had a 1950s triang which my cousin gave me (it was her Granmas) and also a 1970s Geebee (Big) one too...full of what I now know to be Barton & Lundby furniture I even had some stuff from the 1950s too! ... I had a full family of Barton people...the parents and children lived in one house and the Granparents in the other, and they'd visit each other have tea etc...I used to spend all my pocket money on them ...

For the last 20 years I've been pretty gutted whenever I see anyone playing with a dollshouse on tv etc...esp' after looking on ebay and seeing how much everything I used to have all goes for :(

I really don't know how I lost them both, but It happened when we moved here when I was 12...

All I have left from those original dolls houses is 1 rubber baby doll who somehow managed to get herself seperated from the rest and stayed with me!

I packed My 2 houses and my furniture and families etc all up so carefully and watched the boxes being loaded into the van along with my sindy, Barbie and Princess Leia dolls and we followed the van to Wales...when they stopped we did...

I helped unpack it too all my things I'd labelled with my name so there should be no mistakes and the van was empty when it drove back to the hire company.

All I know is on that day I lost most of my childhood treasures and have been spending the last 20 years wishing I still had them and the last few years trying to replace them...kinda sad I know but when I hold something like the ones I had when I was small ... I get such a warm fuzzy feeling inside I can't explain!I

My childhood wasn't so cool, the only things that helped me get through it was the imaginary worlds I created with my dolls, they were my safety blanket keeping me sane...well almost!

But I look at it like this...everyone's got something they do to let off steam, some go to the pub every weekend, some buy everything they can so they can be just like thier fav' celeb, some buy shoes, some go on hoiliday several times a year...I don't do any of that I just try and get that warm fuzzy feeling back deep inside where it belongs!

The other day I won this Dolls House on Ebay it's a Triang ...similar but not quite the same as the one I lost...I got in a bit of a fight for it lol but in the end I won it for £12.00 + £10.00 Postage!

It's a doer-upper but it makes me feel good to see it sitting in my room!

I'll be putting up more pic's as and when I've collected more stuff and done the needed restorations, wallpapering this space! 

☠ Omg...I have Swine Flu!! ☠

 I made this little paper toy yesterday and couldn't resist pretending to sneeze and then throwing it at Aaron!

He stole it :( now my Son has Swine Flu instead!!

If you also want to have "Swine Flu" go to and download your own!!