Thursday, 6 August 2009

My New Baby - Yay he's finally here!!

Originally posted in Dolls More Dolls on Multiply - 4th August 2009
I've waited not very patiently lol for nearly 2 weeks for him to arrive from china and now he has wooot!

I was so worried I'd have customs tax to pay on him as he was $2 over but yay the seller marked him as a gift and put his value at $10 woot so fooled 'em!!

I'm so happy I'm bouncing off the walls!!!!!

Just unwrapped and being admired!        
                                                      Came with a cute little sticker too!

"My what big eye-holes you have"!
I just love the way this body is fully posable and holds it so well...every bit moves ... he's just so cool lol
"Aww he looks kind of expectant"
Cut down the jeans a while ago for Sad Eyed Susie to wear but just had to try them on him...have a major shortage of boy clothes here :(
Did a little face up :-S
First time with one of these dolls...I wanted the colours to be subtle and natural looking.
Akimoto Chillin'
Yay It's here at last now he's face is just how I want it his name has come too!

He's called Akimoto meaning true Autumn.
My handsome boy *Grin*

Ooo he hasn't even got hair yet and already he's wooing the ladies!