Friday, 15 January 2010

☠ Buffalo Bill "Barbie" ☠

Here's a custom I did a couple of years back...I was just fooling around in my "victims" box and before I knew it Buffalo Bill Barbie was born!

I used a cheap Bratz clone doll to make Buffalo Bill's Pretty Dead Skin Mask!

The chest suit was made from another clone doll, this time one of those cheap plastic Hong Kong Barbie sized ones, you can buy for about a quid!

As they are generally made out of lower quality plastic it's so much easier to cut them up and I had a couple of them lying around which I'd been donated so I thought what the hell!

I cut the front and back off the clone dolls torso and secured them both with a couple of small pieces of leather thong I had lying around...I think it works pretty well!

This doll began as an experiment...I just wanted to see if my idea would work...In the end it worked out better than I had hoped it would!

I had bought a Bratz Clone Doll, which I was planning to turn into a "Living Dead" type doll, but for one reason or another, never got around to...

When I had the idea to turn my Son's old Action Man into a Buffalo Bill Barbie, it seemed like the ideal time to use the Bratz Clone.

He is currently standing on my doll shelf holding a knike and a rubber chicken???

Looks pretty good from the sides too! Although I really must apologise for the sketchiness of those two photos I'll take some more one day soon.

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