Friday, 15 January 2010

"OMG!! Would you look at that!"

Hmmm on second thought maybe it wasn't such a good idea to take Nyuu to the Art Gallery!

Nyuu is a 23 inch Obitsu girl I'm working on ... the plan is to make an Elfin Lied doll of her one day very soon sad thing is tho' she's pretty much on hold indefinitely as I've been having a devil of a time trying to turn a wig cap and some bright pink hair into a wig for her ... not only that I have to try and work out how to attach her horns to it too ...

oh well maybe I should cop out and buy a ready made wig then add the horns and make the clothes (great excuse to watch Elfin Lied again lol!!) ... still thinking about it really and truth be told I quite like her bald anyway hahahahaha

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