Tuesday, 19 January 2010

♨ Torched Car on Black Mountain ♨

As we were strolling over The Mountain one day with the dogs we found....A burnt out car...:(

I took these photo's a couple of years back but have only just found them to upload duh!

My Son Aaron and I were taking our dogs for a walk on The Black Mountain while we were waiting for the Moussaka we'd just made to cook, working up an appetite as they say... we decided to go the long way back, instead of retracing our foot steps and this took us towards the road.

As we approached the road we spotted a car abandoned  not as unusual as you'd think as The Black Mountain has sadly long been a place were Joy Riders take cars and then burn them to hide the evidence -  such a shame as it is such a beautiful area, but I digress...

We crossed the road and moved in for a closer was really interesting as you'll see from the photos below... And it must have been one hell of a blaze but I don't remember hearing any Fire Engines, which I guess never came to put it out as I'm sure if they had, it would have been towed away long before we found it!

I hope the owner had Insurance...

            Well that spare tyre is gonna come in handy! ...Inside The boot or what's left of it!

Believe it or not...This is the inside of the bonnet...hmmm wonder where the engine went?

A closer look at that burnt and rusted bonnet...still I made a point not to touch anything lol can't be too careful!

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