Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ooak Pirate Doll - My Custom Creations from a Vintage Doll

I finally worked out what to do with that little boy doll Jules sent me!

After I'd painted his hair he started to remind me of those little boys in Enid Blyton Novels, so I set to work and turned him into one!

Seeing as when he was blonde he had the look of a Sailor about him I decided he had to keep with the Nautical theme...

so I made him a little foam sword out of a packaging crate bean and belt buckle from a pill strip, a little paper hat, eye patch  and a treasure map...

I glued his clothes to him as I wanted them to be a tight fit and show off his cute little tummy and painted on some blue slippers.

Now he can play in his Toy Room 'til his hearts content...or at least until his Nanny comes to tell him it's Bedtime!!

Original Post in Dolls More Dolls on Multiply - 19th July 2009

Here's the text version:

Alright there Shipmates?

Lol just in case anyone's been wondering where I've been these last few days...I've been busy creating my little Pirate from the doll Jules kindly donated!

Once I painted his hair, he started to remind me of those Enid Blyton children so I made him a dress-up Pirate costume in keeping with that...He has a Paper Hat, Foam Sword and Pirate's Treasure Map, all hand-made by me lol he's also wearing his favourite blue slippers!!

Here's the pic's


                                                           Here's a reminder of how he was!

Ahoy There!
I made him a little paper Pirate's Hat, a Treasure map and a foam sword. For his outfit; I used a scrap of red and white striped linen, and a tiny scrap of black cotton for his shorts, I made him a little belt - the buckle I made from a piece of a pill packet. His eye patch was made out of a tiny scrap of black cotton and some cotton thread, painted socks and blue slip on slippers ...

And now I'm completely in love with him!!

before n after - recap pic'

☮ 70's Decor - Mini Makes!! ☮

(26th July 2009)

Spent a couple of hours making this today!!

It's Called "Flutter By"... I made it to go in the Triang house's Living Room along with another one I'm in the middle of making... so it's gonna be quite a large couple of paintings on one wall to go with that Geometric wallpaper I've got plans to use in the living room!

It's made in exactly the same way I make my own canvases ... only in this case I used matchsticks instead of 2 by 2 for Baton & a cardboard front (instead of plyboard or just stretched canvas) which I covered in Linen and stretched over the "board"..

I copied part of a cover from my 1960's Poetry Book ( " It's World That Makes The Love Go Round" ) for the butterfly image ....

Primed it with Gesso & painted it in Acrylic Paint with a tiny brush...then varnished the front & sides!

The 2nd one will have another image from that book cover (most likely a heart) but the colours will be swapped...

black and red for heart & all other colours used on butterfly for background image!

Should be pretty "Far Out" when done lol

70's Decor - Mini Make - Part 2

Number 2 in the set for the Triang House...

I've started thinking about making some more too!! lol only smaller next time, hopefully I'll find enough time to do so and soon wooot!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

♨ Torched Car on Black Mountain ♨

As we were strolling over The Mountain one day with the dogs we found....A burnt out car...:(

I took these photo's a couple of years back but have only just found them to upload duh!

My Son Aaron and I were taking our dogs for a walk on The Black Mountain while we were waiting for the Moussaka we'd just made to cook, working up an appetite as they say... we decided to go the long way back, instead of retracing our foot steps and this took us towards the road.

As we approached the road we spotted a car abandoned  not as unusual as you'd think as The Black Mountain has sadly long been a place were Joy Riders take cars and then burn them to hide the evidence -  such a shame as it is such a beautiful area, but I digress...

We crossed the road and moved in for a closer was really interesting as you'll see from the photos below... And it must have been one hell of a blaze but I don't remember hearing any Fire Engines, which I guess never came to put it out as I'm sure if they had, it would have been towed away long before we found it!

I hope the owner had Insurance...

            Well that spare tyre is gonna come in handy! ...Inside The boot or what's left of it!

Believe it or not...This is the inside of the bonnet...hmmm wonder where the engine went?

A closer look at that burnt and rusted bonnet...still I made a point not to touch anything lol can't be too careful!

Just what I needed or so I thought!

I bought this as I had an idea to do a doll reminiscent of my favourite scene from that not very good sequel "Hannibal", you know the open top head one, it made me cackle with laughter so much that I thought a doll version may just lift my spirits too!

Unfortunately shopping online does have some drawbacks, mainly you are unable to hold the items fist and so I didn't know the scale of this item, The doll I had already set my heart on for the victim of this crime (the facial expression is just so perfect for it it's uncanny!) is just too big, and even if I popped this brain in water, it wouldn't work as I only need approximately 1" more ho hum, so I guess I'll just have to make my own brain then!

And I'm sure I will eventually find some use for this one... one day!

"I has Nooo Slippers! ... You like?"

                                                     Bunny wunny cuteness!

In case you'd like to get some for your doll, they are MyScene footwear, and they fit Blythe perfectly, not sure about Takara Blythe or though as my 12" girl is an Aston Drake Galleries Blythe.

Littlest Pet Shop Hamster Toy

 I had originally thought he would be ale to go in one of my dolls houses but after receiving him and finding out his scale, I realised he is far too big, he is however incredibly cute, so he's staying put!

His wheel turns so you can make him run on his wheel, by turning the handle at the back!

Found Object....

Very Thin and brittle vintage Plastic doll face part...currently living in my studio, it's completely useless to me, but once I saw it (on the ground, while I was walking my dogs down "The Cwm", I couldn't leave it behind!

I can't imagine how the doll would have stood up to standard play, as it must have been so flimsy that I can't imagine it lasted very long at all.

My Hujoo Wings Doll

*Sigh* that boy spends half his day on his laptop, chatting on msn and facebook!

Aki' chilling out in his new outfit, surrounded by all his new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy Van, his Rement Basket ball, Lap Top and new Converse..

                      Akimoto's second photo shoot after his hair arrived from China.

                         Akimoto's first photo shoot after partial face up and awwww "I'm so in love!"

Pre- Bath Exploration!

After waiting for the sand I'd ordered prior to adoption of Gizmo & Cougar, it finally arrived and gave us a great opportunity to record their first bath-time in their new home!

All together now "Awwwww!"

(sorry for the sound of the TV in the background)

Talking, Burping Shrek!

The truth is I just bought him because he's Shrek and Shrek's just so cool lol

I wanted to know what phrases he said too lol curiosity a? took me blooming ages to work out how to get into his battery pack to replace them...

guess that's why I found the phrases a bit of a let down well that and the fact I haven't seen the 3rd film so I had no idea what he was talking about!!

He's annoying too lol only has 3 phrases and one of them is a burp!!

Anyhoo can't really expect much more from a McDonalds toy tho'!

Disney W.I.T.C.H Dolls


I bought these to customise but now I'm not so sure lol the one on the right has hair like vintage action man with just a couple of tuftie bits of saran...her eyes look kinda nuts tho so I could change her into a insane pixie or something!

☮ Unloved, Unwanted And Only 20p! ☮

I was doing my usual rooting about in the local Charity shop, when I discovered this Kitsch "Musical" Bunny, I think he was made in the 1970's and he looks so unhappy  that I couldn't leave him, better still he only cost me 20p!!

He was stuck at the bottom of a basket looking all unloved and depressed, so big softie that I am, I couldn't leave him, so I had to rescue him, only when I got him home I was looking him over and I thought to myself "why?"!

As I was checking him over, I discovered that his musical base was a bit iffy so I took it apart for a better look and ... wooot... Herbie-Magic!!

I wound him up set him off guess what? ... I fell in love!!

"Meet my Husband... He's such a gentleman" !!

Lol had some of these "bondage" pictures left over from a college project so I thought let's have some fun with them!

Aaron's gutted everytime he looks at any in this series tho' cos I asked a few people to take the pic's of me tied up and they all had right pervy faces on so I realised the only person I could really trust to do it was my boy ... oh dear...

Seems my Son must also suffer for my art!

In the end tho' these pic's all came out better than the images I had planned *Grin*

Ooak W.I.T.C.H doll

                                              I can't remember where I put her wings tho' :-S

I just had to do something about those sparkly boots...nice style tho' just way too much glitter for my liking!

Her hair just stood up by itself as I re-rooted it so i thought well if it wants!

Another victim in my studio!

He was going to be the face of "Lil' Miss Dead" until I got hold of a resin skull to use instead... now he just sits on the shelf while he waits on my inspiration!

Kurhn Re-root!

Kurhn re-root In Rosewood Auburn Nylon Hair.

She has bat wings tattooed on her back...not sure what the orig' hair colour was tho' as I bought her bald with saran for re-rooting... the hair colour was not my choice, it was one of 2 colours that my Kurhn's came with, I used the fairy's breath (a very light pink) for a vintage Sindy re-root, but I thought this one would look good in this colour, even if she has blue eyebrows!

Interesting fact - Kurhn Dolls are made in Korea and sold as "The Korean Barbie" although I think she is much prettier than most Barbie dolls are!