Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Birthday Gifts from Friends on Dolls More Dolls - 12th June 2009 - Gifts From Donna


Lol so after another night of no sleep I was just about to when I hear the postman a knocking on my it up and some good things happened!

My Lil' Kiddie arrived....The Fabric to finish Loopy-Looby came and Wow This big box with HERBIE written on it and I'm thinking must be one of my dolly friends only...I'm not expecting it up and Oh MY!!

More pictures going up soon so you can see what I've been doing today with this little lot! woot!

Lot's of People to play with!

The unpacking begins!
Cute little Black doll with milky eyes....hmmm should be able to do something with her...oh wait what's this?

Oooo another little doll...never mind I can find him an arm!

                                               Ohh Wow a Little Big Eyes too Yay!

With a note from Donna...sorry it's taken so long?  Hey I'm not complaining girl lol I forgot you even mentioned it lol...

And Wow What's this tucked away at the bottom of the box??
Ohhh WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!

It's only A Bratz Doll I've been wanting for ever!!

And yay a Mint in Box with everything included one too!!!

Thank you so much Donna....How did you know? lol I don't remember saying I was after one of these (been outbid on so many I'd given up!) But Yay Donna to the rescue! woot

Even the Back of the Box is cool!!

For some reason he reminds me of Larry The Lamb!
He's gonna have a replacement arm as soon as I go rooting around my "Victims" box lol I'm sure I have a few arms in there!!    He's gonna be a kitsch little lamby *Grin*
She scares me! lol
Donna thinks she may be quite pretty with new hair, a repaint and some new eyebrows...  I have to say I agree, the hair definitely needs replacement and the eyebrows are daft but I'm not sure what I can do about  her hare-lip though??

Funny looking thing lol I'm gonna have to wait a little while for her to tell me what she should be I guess lol

Her hair looks like a disgruntled factory worker looked at it, wanted to add more but then thought meh forget it, they aren't paying me enough!!

She'll be fun..when I get some inspiration, I'm sure.

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