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☠ My Bleeding Edge "Begoth" Collection ☠

When I first discovered these dolls, I was so taken with them, I loved them dolls, they are like Bratz but with attitude!! 

The clothing is awesome, so are the piercings, I think of them as what I would look like if they made a doll of me!! 

But at the same time unsure as to their quality or whether the face up looked tacky up close, which very easily could have been the case... I tried for ages to get one, but everytime I bid I was always outbid, (this I later discovered was because all the ones I liked were sold out then retired, so any that did come up for sale were second hand and very sought after), until one night I saw an auction for a Serpentina Maria Variant which, I never knew existed! 

The only drawback was, she was broken, but judging from the Seller's Picture, it didn't look like it would be too hard to fix her.

Ebay Listing:

This is the series 3 variant version of Serpentina Maria, the original came with a black dress with white detail. Everything else remains the same, except that they made less of these!

Ebay Auction Photo.
This picture is the Seller's picture from Ebay, as you can see both her legs and her hip section no longer attached.
 Also one strap on her dress had become separated at one end. I was the only bidder (I'd wanted one of these dolls for a while, I didn't really have a preference as long as I could own one, and this one seemed a good and cheap place to start, it would also give me an opportunity to see the quality of the doll, without taking it apart myself!

10 minutes after I received her!
Repairing Her:

After unpacking her I found that the "Leg Elastic" was still attached to one leg and would just need treading through and stitching in place and the strap on the dress was an easy fix taking a couple of seconds and 1 stitch!

I threaded the elastic back through her hips and torso and sewed it into place...added some Black nail varnish back onto her fingers, where it was missing and redressed her.

I have one more thing left to do, that is to find the right thickness of transparent plastic to sew back onto the shoulder of her dress...Once I have done that, she will be as good as new.

I'm pretty pleased so far, especially as she cost less than half the price of a new one!!I have one more thing left to do, that is to find the right thickness of transparent plastic to sew back onto the shoulder of her dress...Once I have done that, she will be as good as new.

I'm pretty pleased so far, especially as she cost less than half the price of a new one and after I discovered that as she is a variant, I found out she is pretty hard to come by too!

All in all I was really please I took a chance on her as her make up and eyes especially is stunning, I love her piercings and clothing and even her name! I was also very impressed to find that as a variant version of Maria Serpentina, she is rarer than the original non-variant...and much prettier too!

As She ever Came in A Box..:

I made her a coffin to store her in!

At the moment it is unpainted as I can't work out if I will cover it in skull paper or fabric, paint it black or do something else to it!

I have cut out a hole at the front, through which to view the doll,and to protect her from dust... It has a thin piece of plastic sandwiched between the front of the box and a panel I have cut to go inside the top of the box to hide the glue marks etc.

At the moment it is painted black, but I think it definitely needs some kind of a make-over when I have time.

I'm toying with the idea of covering it in fabric and having some kind of lock mechaism too, I'll update when I've had a chance to finish it.

Maria's box, just after construction.

Since I found out how much I loved My Bleeding Edge Doll, I decided I should get my hands on the other two dolls that originally caught my eye and intrigued me about these dolls, and so after many months searching and bidding and being outbid, I finally got them..SO HERE THEY ARE...!

Series 1 Sinstress (On Right) Hanging out with Her Friend Scumdog.

Series 3, Maria Serpentina Sangria ( 2004 Variant) and Series 2, Victoria Creeper.

Full Name: Serpentina Maria Sangria
Favorite Color: Super extra dark black
Pets: 2 Cobras (Ted and John Wayne)
                                    Likes: Cheese, her dentist Dr. Locke (her teeth are perfect),
video games, skydiving,
and fat opera singers ( they just look cool)
Dislikes: Velcro tennis shoes, velcro in general,
dust, the smell of plastic wrap, burning hair smell
and black and white movies.
Series 1 Bleeding Edge Goth Collectible
Doll Full Name: It's just Sinstress
Favorite Color: Lizards, "R", "I", and "P"
Pets: Black Cats, "Fathead and Edward"
Likes: My Hearse, Overnight Seances, Candles and Vampira
Hates: Internet Coffee Houses
 Series 2 Bleeding Edge Got Collectable
 Doll Full name: Victoria Creeper

 Favorite color: Purple                                                        
Pets: I have no time for anyone but myself
Likes: Myself, my make-up, my clothes, my car (Lincoln Continental with the suicide doors), 
my band (which rocks!)                                                                                                                                                  Dislikes: Anyone who needs, waking up before 2pm, cleaning, doing laundry, and living with others

 Articulated 7 inch Vinyl BeGoths Collectible Action Figure (Regular version).

   Full name: Dru Id
   Pets: Rabbit; "Trix", snake; "Charmer", cats; "Foot" & "Mouth"
   Favorite colors: Shiny black
   Likes: Caves, Faruza Balk, Listerine & 7-Up, 
swords, nurses & the Gong Show
  Dislikes: Craft-making Hampton-living moms, road trips, bowling, zoos, directions, sherbert & organizations

I was looking for the above "Doll Story" on Amazon and found this write up in the product description, it made me laugh so I decided to save and share it:

                             All the Collectible Action Figures are Limited Editions.

The second Series of BeGoths Collectible Action Figures was comprised of 3 girls and 1 guy.

This series was also produced in very Limited quantities and is now SOLD OUT from the Distributor.

Manufactured by Bleeding Edge Goths and now 
Very hard to find (Limited Edition)

Mine is still in his box & never opened.
I fell for him after seeing one standing on the desk of Abby Sciuto the forensic specialist on the N.C.I.S TV programme one night!!

(N.B: Images of Victoria Creeper, Sinstress & Dru Id were all found on Amazon.)

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