Thursday, 25 October 2012

Chic To Chic Maya Doll

Maya is part of the Chic to Chic Series of dolls made by White Ballon (a Spanish Company) . I bought her from a Seller in France.

Her eye make up is unusual as the black liner is made of bits of Felt, which really brings out the colour of her eyes - which are grey.

She came to me boxed, with a Certificate of Authenticity

I've opened the box, but I've never actually removed her from it...

Check out her strange dress-sense!

Black fishnet tights, with a purplely-blue silky skirt tied at the front. Her top is strange too, as it is made of t-shirt type material and is tight-fitting with another layer over the top.

Add to that a green velvet stole and purple velvet scarf...what must she have been thinking?!!

This close up of her face makes her look like she's made of porcelain, but she is in fact plastic!

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