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Donald Duck Original I.d and Info Post - Before Restoration

Originally posted for Manufacturer's I.d and information on age of this toy, in Dolls More Dolls Group on Multiply - 13th May 2009

Copy of post:

1960's or 1970's Rubber Donald Duck...I just could resist his little face! lol I won him for the grand total of 99p!!

Don't know much about this toy tho' so if anyone has any info I'd be really grateful :D

The seller musta known I was gonna be on Ebay 'cos the pic' was taken from such an angle it made him look so unhappy, and I just kept looking at him and thinking man...if I don't buy him soon I'm sure those big eyes are just gonna well up with tears!

He has a few cracks in the rubber tho' but the seller was honest enough to say this on the listing and I'm sure that can easy fixed with a little know how..."Anyone know how?" Lol

I mean like coating it with something to protect it from further cracks & colour fade?

lilacmermaid wrote on May 14, '09
i don't know if it would melt the little duck, but would the paint they paint plastic bumpers do, check with someone who knows though first,

kitschartherb wrote on May 14, '09
Lol...thankies a cookie! *Grin*

wrote on May 14, '09
         hmmmm...that's an idea..Thanks.

But I was thinking maybe along the lines of a varnish as long as it didn't change the colour.....I was also wondering if the glue to fix bicycle punctures might work?

Been trawling the internet but I'm coming up blanks :(
weebairns wrote on May 14, '09
He reminds me of one my little brother had years ago, Herbs, and I had a mouse toy, we got them for Christmas in the 50s, oops showing my age again, Is he bendy?

kitschartherb wrote on May 14, '09
Yes he is Angie...He has wire going all through him...only I didn't try and pose him like that 'cos he has some cracks and I dont want to make them worse :-S
To be honest I thought he was a bit older too...but that's what the seller put on the listing ... lol when I look at him I keep thinking about that Mickey Mouse one the nurse in American Werewolf in London has on her lounge me to ignore the fun horror bits in favour of scouting for toys!
weebairns wrote on May 14, '09
Well I think it would have been about 1958 or 59 when we had them, bendy toys were very popular then and stayed so until about mid 60s, my brother had loads, pity he doesn't still have them, don't know where they all went to. If you would be interested, I have a bendy Miss Piggy toy from the Muppets that you can have if you like, she isn't in good shape but has no cracks, just a bit dingy but these toys are so hard to wash, they can easily go discoloured

ievelyn wrote on May 14, '09
What about pva glue herbie, it could fill in the gaps and it dries clear, then you could paint it. You can get bottles of it cheap everywhere nowadays.

kitschartherb wrote on May 15, '09
Oh Evelyn....You're a bloody genius!!!

I have loads of it just floating around in my art boxes...and it's gentle enough so if it doesn't hold him together it won't do any real damage...

I could kiss you for that...come here baby!! lol

kitschartherb wrote on May 15, '09
Thanks so much for that info Angie...I had a feeling they were 50's to early 60's...although I was also going by the fact that in the 50's Donald duck looked slightly different...Different Artist?? Well what ever it was he definately changed and become more rounded with more defined features after then...and as this little baby of mine has the more cutesy, round art-style I was placing him at the later end of the spectrum.
Yes please to the Miss Piggy...just think of the fun I could have with her around my wildlife pond when those tadpoles finally delvelop into frogs! lol I can picture the photo's already...woooot

ievelyn wrote on May 15, '09
lol my pleasure. good luck with it, good thing is, its pliable so any movement wont crack it, ive loads here too, i'll have to post a pic of the card I made for Jamie, ive all sorts lying about here for cardmaking & stuff. Also got myself a brilliant little sewing machine off ebay. It weighs only 5lbs, its quite small and can do all the usual stitches so as well as cardmaking gear ive matertial and threads everywhere, It was only £30. I already have a good one but its up in the loft and weighs too much to move about.

Ive been reading all your messages herbie and love the one in chat about the guy and his barbies, reminds me of Russ.

Cant help you with the price of your ooak dolls though as i;m hopeless at that and always start my listings cheap because of it but i'll tell you one thing, if you can do Amy Winehouse ooak you will make some money.

good luck with the glue : )

weebairns wrote on May 15, '09
Hi Herbs, they are pics I must see!!! LOL. Righteo then, pop your address to me and Miss Piggy is yours, I really must get a list together of addresses, I know I've had yours in the past, but lost it now.

 kitschartherb wrote on May 15, '09
Lol...Evelyn...clever you finding that machine!
And yes I thought of Russ too when I was reading that article so I just had to post it for him to for Winehouse lol yeah I wondered if I should sell the siamese version lol I've seen some right shockers on Ebay that look nothing like her and sell for accounting for taste I guess as my old Nan used to say!
Oh and Angie...Thank You...will do!!

kitschartherb wrote on May 16, '09
Hey Evelyn.....It's working!!!!!!!
Now to get out the Acrylic Paints woooot.....will post pic's when I've finished and managed to borrow someone's camera :(

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