Friday, 26 October 2012

"Exploitation" one of several from my Doll Art Series - 2003

Turning the tables on and protesting against the use of animals in cosmetic experiments...

Dr.Katz, has placed Shelly in a metal vice, her face and torso are scarred by burns from the chemicals housed in the cannisters on the right. An electrode has been placed in her brain and can be seen on the outside of her head.

Blood from countless experiments seeps through the cracks in the paintwork.

Dr. Katz's work is observed by a rat, ladybird and a spider-cow.

A human skull lies discarded in the left corner of the room, it glows in the dark due to the radiation, it was subjected to when once part of a a living being.

                      position of spider-cow altered after this photo was taken...see other photos.

The work is housed in an MDF box.

The vice is made out of a rescued piece of metal and ceramic work, thrown away by one of my college classmates.

The ladybird and spider-cow (possibly a cake-decoration) were found in the street, while I was out "Street Combing"!

Shelly has electrodes planted in her head ... just like those cats in the pictures of experiments that haunted my dreams and gave me nightmares when I was small.

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