Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How'd you all feel about this little re-born boy??

This adorable little made of chocolate!

Yep, that's right peeps... you're supposed to bite his little head off and chow down... awww personally I don't think I could but what do you guy's think???

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carnice05 wrote on May 17, '09
oh!!! I want one, not to eat of course, is he like a reborn frozen charlotte, need to keep him in the fridge, so that he dosn't melt?

weebairns wrote on May 17, '09
Ah bless, I couldn't eat him!!!! No way. Where did you see him Herbs, on ebay, Angie

lorainehelen wrote on May 17, '09
cute doll but i dont like the idea of eating him...

lilacmermaid wrote on May 17, '09, edited on May 17, '09
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hes way too cute, must have been a good artist to do this, it reminds of the saying, "hes so cute i could eat him" LOL

 ievelyn wrote on May 17, '09
I felt bad enough watching tony at the museum taking tiny tears eyes out with a brush pole lol. Dont think I could bring myself to bite into a chocolate baby.

juliejunejulie wrote on May 17, '09
I can not be trusted with chocolate ..I eat it untill its all gone I would not be able to sleep with chocolate in the house ..Sorry I would gobble him all up and cry later. Jules

 ievelyn wrote on May 17, '09
oohhh lol you rotter

carnice05 wrote on May 17, '09
what would you call him, munchkid, sorry munchkin!!!!!!!!!

 ievelyn wrote on May 17, '09
chocababy lol

kitschartherb wrote on May 17, '09
lol I had a feeling that'd get you all talking!!
Angie I found it after I had a funny turn on google and typed in "weird dolls"!! I have no idea where to get them tho' as for me munching on him...not a chance being vegan means I don't eat anything with a face lol I love your comment Jules it cracked me up!!
Hey John...if you do get one...take pic's of him every day as he starts to turn green and get a fur coat lol
Btw Jules...did u notice his boy bits? lol

 dollectabledonna wrote on May 18, '09
Ahhhhhhhhhh How could anyone eat him ! I love chocolate but i know i would never recover if i ate him he looks so sweet,yummmmmmmmmmmm,
Only kidding! he would be safe with me and grow his fur coat in peace lol

juliejunejulie wrote on May 18, '09
No I did not notice his boy bits but I prefer a boy as you would get more chocolate LOL :)

kitschartherb wrote on May 18, '09
Oooo you're so so bad...I've gone red lol

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