Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A selection of my most recent Mini Makes, for Dolls Houses & 12" Dolls

12th June 2009:

Four "12 inch Blythe sized" readable magazines:

Aqua Blue: Asian Dolls - Clothing Catalogue.

Natural Life: Household Goods Catalogue.

Travel Plan: Wildlife Magazine.

Miniature Making vol.24!

Lol I don't think the clothing catalogue was such a great idea tho' you should see the price of the shoes lol and I just know Blythie's gonna want everything and I'm gonna look into her big eyes and have a real hard time saying no!!

14th June 2009:

           A Little Miffy book for my Blythe Petites to read while they relax in their new home!

15th June 2009:

Tiny Coke Cans & box which holds 6!

K.F.C soda cup!
Cherry Topped Almond frosted Gateau

Toffee Apple
                           This is one of 6,  I made...1 for every Blythe Petite so they don't fight!

Spam, Spam, Spam!!  
Every good Monty Python fan should have at least one tin of Spam in their dolls House!

15th August 2009:

5 DC/ Marvel Comics for the dolls house....

Popeye, Tarzan, Superman and front left Batman and right another Superman comic.

I've positioned them at the front so you can see the comic strips inside them!

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