Monday, 29 October 2012

My Kewpie Collection

My Kewpies...

I was given my first Kewpie when I was about 8 by a Great Aunt who is sadly no longer with us...The doll was pretty old when she gave it to me and I took one look into those big eyes and fell instantly in love!

Over the years, through moving home and the like, I have lost many of the dolls I collected during my Childhood...Sadly my Kewpie was one of them.

In recent years, I have managed to get hold of a few more and here they are:

9 Inch Vintage Kewpie (on left).
7 Inch Vintage Maori "Holiday Souvenir Doll" (Right).
 5 Inch Vintage Kewpie (in front.)

Meet Mr.Tinkles...

He's made of really soft plastic and has moving eyes, they just roll around by themselves whenever you move him!

I've seen a couple more of these recently so suspect the pink pants are original (unfortunately these are sun-faded at the back) when you drop them...boy do you get a surprise!! lol

Anyhoo, other than that I know nothing, no manufacturer's stamp that I've noticed so any info would be great guys! xx

                                                       Kewpies Descending...

                                                      9 Inch (Vintage) Kewpie.
                                                      8 Inch (Vintage) Kewpie.
                                                      6 Inch (Vintage) Kewpie.
                                                      5 Inch (Vintage) Kewpie.
                                                      2 Inch (Contemporary) Kewpie.

 Both the 5 inch Kewpie and the 2 Inch Contemporary Kewpie have moulded wings stamped onto their backs.

This little guy (Oddly, my largest Kewpie) is my favourite,
 along with Mr.Tinkles!

He looks  just like the one my Aunt Bessie gave to me.

He stands at 9 inches tall.
Maori Kewpie Doll (Vintage New Zealand  Souvenir  Doll)
Circa. 1960's.

I didn't even know you could get dark skinned Kewpie dolls, so when I saw this one I had to have her!!

She's 7 inches tall and as cute as a button!

Here's my "Big Baby" again, he just seems to have the perfect Kewpie Look,
 well  as far as I'm concerned anyway!
5 Inch Vintage "Baby" Adopted  by Simon.
I liked to think of this little guy as a baby Kewpie, but that couldn't stop me feeling bugged by the shape on his head, the fact that it looks to me like it is "squished" and causing him to look like he's got an invisible hand pushing his head down into his neck!

It made him have a kind of "fold" in the plastic of his face around the eye region, and as this just didn't fit in with my idea of a "Kewpie Ideal", I decided he needed to be rehomed to someone who would love him!

I ended up giving him up for adoption to Simon, (a Flickr Friend). They make a good match!

Out for a Stroll...
They just make the "Perfect Family"
I'm still on a quests to enlarge my Kewpie Family, so I guess this page will be a work in progress for some time!

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