Monday, 22 October 2012

Obitsu "Elfen Lied - Lucy" Doll

In December 2008, I ordered the components to make myself a Dolfie, once they arrive from Hong Kong (Mimiwoo) and I begin working on it I'll keep you all posted on how it's coming along...I'm hoping to find some little elf ears for her...she's gonna be so cute.......Wooooohooo!!

Obitsu 25cm Figure 1/6 Gretel Head with Eye Hole & Eye pocket - Natural
Out of all the heads Mimiwoo had on offer, this one really stood out for me, I kept on finding myself going back to it for another look, in the end I accepted fate and clicked buy it now!

Obitsu Female 23cm Body - Natural skin

I wanted her to have a body that was not too big and didn't have massive great big boobies, so I opted for this  23cm  body, her bust is I guess you'd say earlier teens as she has breast bumps, but not over developed  I see Lucy & Nyuu as both being very naive and childlike characters in same ways, so this body seemed to be the perfect accompaniment to that stunning head... another Buy It Now click and it was mine!

27cm dolfie EB Beauty 1/6 Obitsu Body eye yellow 8mm

Now for the eyes... I had no idea what I was going to do there, as Lucy / Nyuu has typical "Manga style" eyes, but although I could have bought a head that I could have painted or transferred them onto I really didn't like them very much, and so I decided upon more human looking eyes, in quite a neutral colour, but a neutral colour with a quirk!

Lucy Elfen Lied (pink Hair)
And this is my inspiration... in case you don't really know what I've been talking about!

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