Monday, 22 October 2012

Ooak Trick or Treater Expressions Doll

My muse must have been working over time when she gave me inspiration for this little lady - who bagn life as a Blond haired male Expressions doll, with missing fingers on one hand donated to me by a friend.

After several weeks of  him sitting on my mantelpiece,I suddenly realised that every time I looked at him I saw a trick or treater who'd had a scare and so work started on this little girl!

The entire outfit was made from patterns designed by myself and hand stitched as I didn't have a sewing machine at the time.

The Hair re-root took a couple of weeks to complete in Tibetian Lambswool Mohair. But the effect was just what I wanted, as it naturally stands up and is so so soft to the touch too!

Scared stiff face!!
 She's wearing a lace trimmed dress, over stripey tights and lace trimmed bloomers (that match the lining of her cape). The whole ensemble is finished with a black cape, lined with "Trick or treat" pumpkin patterned fabric and tied at the neck with black ribbon, finished with skull bead toggles.

Better view of Treats bag

 Her hand was rebuilt using dry hard modelling clay, which was then painted to match her dark skin tone.

Her cape has a "Stand alone" collar, and it and the rest of her outfit was designed by me after measuring her, I sketched out a few ideas of how I'd like her to look, made a few paper patterns, chose my fabrics and trims and set to work hand-sewing the lot together!

 This angle shows the outfit off a little better, as this doll has quite a floppy body (soft filled) I tend to photograph her sitting down, she could be made to stand but I think she looks better sitting, with her "treats" spilled out around her!

 I made her a little "treats bag" from a pattern which I tried to print out from Puchi Collective (Blythe lover's site) Unfortunately, I didn't consider I may run out of ink half way through! So I ended up having to sketch the pattern on myself before painting it with acrylic paints and sealing by covering in some clear vinyl (the kind used to cover books with) and then punching small holes into it with a pin, before threading some gold cord through for handles.

 I made her some treats to go inside her bag by collecting images from Google Images and gluing them together, before covering them with small strips of clear vinyl.


I also made a selection of American Candies - these images I got from Ann Venture's Mini Printables site (Member's section).

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