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I originally posted this cute couple in the Dolls More Dolls Group on Multiply as I was curious about my handsome Man-Doll and wanted to find out more about him, I'd been searching Mattel Lovers Websites, and Ebay and everywhere else I could think of then duh! 
I remembered my Dolly Group!

Original Post (as above):

He needs an ID...all I know is he was made by Mattel and has 1975 Taiwan on his back.

I'm pretty sure his clothes and shoes are original...I bought him and the Dollykin together from the U.S a couple of years back I couldn't resist as they were listed as "Sweethearts" and looked so good

When they arrived, they had the heart pillow (which is so so soft) and a Baby!!

Woo the journey musta taken a while in dolly years then!

Anyhoo, If anyone can tell me who he is that would be cool...failing that it's still cool 'cos he's gorgeous anyhow lol

Seller's Photo.
The Girl is marked on neck...UNEEDA DOLLIKIN 1970.

She is multi jointed,her stringing is a bit loose, so she's a little project for me when I have time.

Beautiful shiny auburn red hair, which has never been cut, bright blue eyes and stands about 12 inches tall.

Her handsome beau, has a typical 70s haircut and is marked on neck MATTEL 1975.

He is also multi jointed,and 12 inches tall.

They are both dressed in vintage factory made clothing.

Pic 1 - is one of the reasons I fell in love with this pair...they look so sweet together!

The seller was kind enough to let me have the little cushion they are nestling against too!

They took 2 weeks to arrive from America.

When they got here and I unwrapped them I discovered that they had had enough time to make a baby on the journey!! - see pic'3

Their baby is by Simba.

I adored how they looked so in love sitting together with that Heart Shaped Pillow behind them, and as I'd always wanted a Dollikin and hadn't seen a red-head one before, I was sold! I had a bargain as even with postage from the U.S.A, they worked out cheaper than it would have cost me to buy a Dollikin on her own from the U.K! And even better, I had the bonus of getting a gorgeous boy-doll (sadly there are not many of them in existence ) and a Vintage one too, so it was a had to have!

Anyway, back to the original post... one day later I had an I.D and more in the form of Russ' to the Rescue!

It turns out his name is Michael , his true love is Melinda, they are the Young Sweet Hearts Dolls Line.

The couple were sold together and they had several matching outfits sold together, these are:

Country Mates Fashion,
Picnic Pinks Fashions,
Party Day Blue and Sunny Sunday Fashion.
Each fashion was a outfit for both dolls, and there was also a Wishing Well Park Play Set.
Another little tidbit from Russ':

The Sweet Heart Michael's body was used on later Ken Dolls that are jointed, I think Alan from the Happy Family Range shares his body type.

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