Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yay I has new things!! - post on Dolls more Dolls, 3rd July 2009

cute little Fisher Price baby from John

Thank you so much John...She's adorable and such a lovely surprise as I got it in my head I was getting the armless one! .... She's beautiful

Janet identified her as a Little Mommy doll!
oh noooo.

I thought baby might be tired after her journey and put her down for a nap but along comes Aaron & Mr.Potato Head Takes exception to the new comer and awww poor baby :(

Spud Goes Psycho!!

One minute I'm cooking, next turn around and my potatoes are being detained :( maybe not such a bargain then a? 
It wasn't me ...I was cooking and turned around and saw him...then heard Aaron chuckling from outside the room lol Boys!!
 I thought to myself "oooo how evil can you get...showing a potato a masher?" Still, judging by the eyes on him, he's a complete nutter, so it's no wonder he goes psycho!

New little ladies

The little girl on the left is Canadian and was waiting for me when I got home from North Wales, the girl on the right is by KidKore and came yesterday *Grin*

Mannequin, Beaker & Fozzie From Janet!

Yay what a lovely surprise ... I had the full set of McD' Muppets and have been regretting selling them ever since I did so having Beaker find his way back to me was wonderful! And who don't love Fozzie and his stupid jokes? 

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