Saturday, 3 November 2012

Miscellaneous paintings

(Originally Posted on My Site, Multiply -1st January 2009.)

Tina Two....2006.

Thunderbird with Spindle Whorl.  Acrylic on cardboard 1997
Based on carving by Salish People.

planet of the apes. Acrylic on Plywood , 2004

2nd ever attempt at oils

Bateleur Eagle. Acrylic Wash on Paper...1991.


Birth, Acrylic on Plyboard. (Aaron's Handprint) 2004.

Birth - collaboration with Aaron!
(Acrylic Paint on Board)
Software enhanced (to see how it would look!)
Blue Meany (Acrylic on Canvas Board) 1993

Cabaret. (Enamel on P.V.C) 2003


Chaos (Now Obsolete) 2004Cardboard, Polystyrene, Acrylic & Enamel Paint on Board

Paper & Acrylic Paint on board

Close up of Basil Brush
- Acrylic Paint.

Embryonic Me.
 (Acrylic on Plyboard)  2004
Ex-Friend's gnome after I got at it!
Acrylic on Cement. 2002
Sadly it seems that this kind of thing can happen to your Garden Gnome when you're living with me! What can   say? I got offended by his always grinning at me and being lewd every time I made myself a cup of coffee, so I decided to take my paintbrush and extract my revenge while his owner was a t work one day, I think he looks much better now!

fairyland. 2008
(Pen, Brush & Ink)
This is just an experiment really, and still unfinished, as I haven't had time :(

Stencil Graffiti Piece - Spray paint & Pen on Canvas. 2004.

Self Portrait - Graffiti with books.
 Acrylics on Canvas. 2002, for brief on "Identity" College Work.
Granny takes a trip, Acrylics on Plyboard, glued o Gold Painted Tray 2004.

Halloween Disco Poster - 1990,  Indian Ink on Paper.
(I designed this as a poster for the Halloween School Disco in the  4th Year!)

Hel. Acrylic on Canvas (Close up - Unfinished) 2006

part 2 tryptich - Dada
Spray Paint on Canvas. 2003

Self Portrait with flags
 (Acrylic Paint on Textured Board.)
For Identity Brief, College Work 2002

 (Acrylic Paint & Canvas on Board.)

Abstract Self Portrait
Acrylic Paint on Muslin  2003

Angel and Devil.
Paint, Ink & Pencil on Plyboard. 2012.
Dada (close up - Now Obsolete)
A Collage of Found Objects, Paint & Street Finds. 2003.

Dada (remake)
A Collage of Paper, Ink & Paint. 2006.

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