Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sheila, the Transexual Barbie. 2004

Copyright for the images and intellectual idea belongs to Herbie, 2004.

Sheila is a pre-op transexual currently spending a year as a woman before having the operation which will make her a 'real woman'.

She wears a subtle designer mini dress with silver halter neck (handmade by me!) , Crystal drop earrings, Gold eye shadow to bring out the blueness of her eyes and red lipstick. Her hair is naturally long and curly and tied back with a red bow.

She holds a large pink handbag and wears black and pink converse type shoes (it's not easy finding feminine shoes in her size) Her chest is padded out with toilet paper.

Sheila started life as a "Captain Smith" Ken Doll (from Pocahontas), I spotted him sitting in the window of a charity shop I was passing by and the idea came to me in an instant, so I had to buy him, take him home and help him become the woman he wanted to be...I have no idea where the name Sheila came from, it just felt right to call the finished doll that.

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