Sunday, 16 December 2012

Limited Edition Steampunk Byul Doll.

Every so often I take myself off and have a nose around Ebay. looking at Byul Dolls and just hoping one day I'll find one I like for a price that doesn't smash my piggy bank to smithereens...

Last week I was doing just that, and a lot of sighing and mentally chanting "I wish" when a tiny image caught my eye... as is was labelled Steam Punk, I couldn't resist taking a closer look and "Oh My Giddy Aunt..." I was hit by Cupid's Bow!

Sadly, I don't think I'll ever be able to own this gorgeous little darling  but even so, I feel inspired when I look at her, so I decided I'd share her with you good people too!

She's Limited Edition, (what is it with me and Limited Edition Dolls at the moment?!), Her name is Rhiannon, and a good Welsh name that is too! and well, here she is.... Enjoy!

Oh btw, I best add before I start with the image uploads, that I don't own them (that should be obvious, but meh, I thought I better mention it, just in case!) 
All the images where taken from various Ebay Listings, as was the small amount of info I could find on her, below.

(All Images copyrighted to Cheonsang Cheonha - Photographed by ColdAngel6. All Rights Reserved.)

Isn't she something else?!

She comes in this awesome outfit with a stand.  And She has this "Back- Story" which I've seen copied onto every listing, I suspect this has come from the promotional literature for her on her release in December 2010.

Not to break with "Tradition" I've copied and pasted it below!

"Feeling: "Open the mechanical umbrella . . . Taking the time and slowly taking a walk along the ocean floor . . . Exposed to thirty thousand volts of magnetic field, I dream about!"

I'm not altogether sure what it means though!

Until this little one showed up in my Ebay Search, I've only found four, I'd even consider owning, which makes these dolls a little "hit and miss" for me.  

But I can't help thinking it would be nice to have one to nestle in between my Pullip and my Dal, or perhaps before my Dal, that kind of area anyway!

The problem is, with most of them, I never seem to find one that has all the features I like about the four in one place, except for that beautiful  Vampire, "Lillith" but that's a different post for another time!

I couldn't resist uploading a picture of her too, now I've mentioned her!

Looking at her again, I have just realised, that I think she may have been of some influence in my choice of Toffee Dolls, there is definitely, something I it "Hazel" about her, and not just the eyes, hmmm

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