Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My Art - Various Collages

Very large, collage made from hundreds of images from magazines and catalogues  it was made for a college brief on the theme "His and Hers", the central image - the Yin- Yang Symbol was painted in Acrylic paint onto the centre and the images placed around where cut to form a frame around it.
The images have been placed onto a large sheet of cardboard.

The above piece was called "Chaos" and was made of cardboard and styrofoam mounted onto plyboard, then painted with a mixture of Acrylic paint and Enamel paint - it is now obsolete.

This one is huge and very heavy, it was made for a college brief on the theme "Icons", out of a mixture of painted images and paper ones. The Micheal Jackson image was cut out of a cover of my 7" Single P.Y.T which unfortunately I discovered was scratched to buggery and totally unplayable, still it made a great replacement for the "Jesus" image which I'd originally painted and disliked the style of (It was copied from a Medieval Russian painting - I loved the simplicity of the Madonna Image, but the baby Jesus was terrible) after I got the piece back from college and later discovered the state of my vinyl, I swapped the original for MJ! I did the same with the out of proportion Marilyn Monroe's head I'd originally painted, as I've always had a thing for clothing creases in art, I decided to change her head... I was lucky enough to find an image of "Olive" from the 1970's TV Series On the Buses which was almost the right size, so she became my new Marilyn! 
The board used for this piece is made of chipboard and as the whole thing is over 4 feet long and 1 foot wide, it is very weighty.

I was so angry that the college kept this piece even after they told me I could have it back as I had a buyer already lined up for it, this may seem stupid on my part, but the college happily allowed other people on my course to sell their work and for a great deal more than I would have made on this one. I was unable to make another as the central piece was a piece of tile I happened to find on a building site after taking a short cut to the bus on my way home. I painted a tiny silhouette of the Madonna and Child on in with miniature gold halos, then framed them and the plyboard I glued them too with some plastic and diamante trim I found in a haberdashery that I was unable to go back to again. These were then mounted onto a plyboard "canvas" which had been painted with my trademark Psychedelia  I would happily of kept this piece for myself, especially as I know the college only keep the work they take from students for one or two years before either offering them to other students to "Upcycle" or take home, or placing them in a skip to be junked! 
Past Students are not allowed take these pieces back after this time or even contacted to ask if they'd like to, the artwork produced is apparently the colleges to do what they like with...and that's what they like to do! *sigh* 

I painted a miniature landscape of the Black Mountain, framed it with a painted cardboard frame, and then mounted it to a wallpapered piece of plyboard, the whole thing is less than six inches square. It was made for another college brief but for the life of my I cannot remember the theme.

One of several Eye collages I have done over the years, the first was in 1992 when I covered a small 1960's Dictionary (front, back and spine) with them. I loved how it looked so much tat I went on to make a few cassette covers, cd covers, video covers and pictures with the same technique. Come to think of it, I really must do some more of these when I have time, I seem to recall I have a box of cut out eyes in my Studio somewhere... now all I need is the time!

Painted solid wooden board with plyboard strip - also painted, with mounted smaller plyboard and solid wood squares, topped with pieces of tree bark I found on my travels one day. I can't remember why I came up with the idea of using all these items in particular for a collage, but I'm glad I did as this is still one of my favourite pieces!

Small collage made from images taken from my first Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band CD  which was scratched, mounted onto solid board which I painted and scraped in places to give an aged effect. I think they must have kept this one too (the sneaks) as I don't remember what happened to it after my Degree, I definitely don't have it anymore, that's for sure!

                             Painted board with canvas strip, another of my favourite pieces.

This collage was also taken by the collage as a "Teaching Aid" and most likely has been thrown in the skip by now *sigh* it is part paint and part Vintage Tea Papers (used for the costumes) the faces are also paintings on paper, then glued onto plyboard backing. The background was painted in bronze acrylic paint, with a gold strip made from gold tissue paper, the Halos were made from stick on British Coins (I remember these from Infant School) that I purchased from the college shop - one great thing about the college also running many teaching courses! This I thought was symbolic of how "Religious" organizations can become big businesses, think TV Evangelists from a few decades ago! It was another piece I made in relation to the "Icons" brief we were given.

Sketch Book Experiment, I had bought some image transfer gel and I decided to test it, I fist photocopied part of one of my Mum's Rolling Stones L.Ps, reversed it on a computer, applied the paste and transferred it onto some 1970's fabric my Gran gave me, then painted around it in Acrylic Paint. I think it worked very well and will definitely use this technique again when I get inspiration again.

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