Tuesday, 11 December 2012

♪ Ozzy Osbourne Bark Moon Limited Edition Doll ♫

"From Art Asylum comes this collectible doll in the Ozzy Osbourne toy-line!"

The package has a press for demo section cut away, so you can try before you buy.

The figure is a limited edition, with 50000 made and distributed for sale, that's actually quite large for a limited run!

The figure stands,18 inches tall, and is highly collectible, due in part to it's limited status  but also due to the quality of the detail on the figure's face, outfit and the box as well!

When pressed the button plays a remixed version of  the song, "Bark At The Moon."

The back of the box contains the following information:

"In 1983 Ozzy Osbourne released "Bark at the Moon". This original dynamic album rocked the world and hit double platinum sales."

In case you are wondering, "Double Platinum Record Sales, means, 2 Million copies of this Album were sold!

 I also love the fact that under the title: "Inmates" it lists the following information:-

 "Sculpted by Paul Komoda and Jose Rodriguez based on the make-up and special effects of Greg Cannom. Designed in conjunction with Art Asylum."

I have to say, I love that touch, so many times when I have held dolls and figures in my collection, I have wondered who the Sculptor and Designers were and whether they minded being never being associated with the figures and remaining unknown to the people who love and collect the items they had such a large part in the creation of!

The figure was released in 1999 by Fun 4 All Collectibles.

 Come to think of it, I really have to find out what else they've produced as if this one is an idea of the quality to expect from this company, they will definitely be worth checking out!

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killen-enterprises, who is currently offering this item for sale on Ebay.
(Please note, the Seller's name when clicked provides a link to their Ebay listing for this item).

The figure has been sculpted to resemble the cover of Ozzy' 1983 "bark at the Moon" album cover sleeve, which you can compare with the images of that cover, and the back cover's artwork, below :

Photo found on Google Images.
Ok, so these are CD Cover pictures, that's only because it would be a pain for me to take out my vinyl  photograph it, then upload it for the purpose of this post, not that I really think that matters as the artwork is exactly the same in both cases!

This  promo photo, shows make up better...

Photo Found on Google Images.
The weird thing about this figure, is I have always found the Ozzy make up and cover for this album, more miss than hit... not only does it feel very contrived to me, but the make up job is really not very good...

I mean, Presumably he is a werewolf, judging by the fur and the name of the album, back photo pose... but what then, has happened to his nose, and why do I always think Nosferatu when I see it?

Anyway that doesn't matter because this figure is just so cool, I mean just look this figure, the attention to detail is exquisite, the costume he's wearing is spot on, the packaging looks great and is very informative, giving a history of the character / inspiration for the figure as well as the songs lyrics and information about the figure itself.

I have a soft spot for Werewolves, always have had, since my childhood, and I guess that is part of the reason why this figure appeals to me... also, I really love the detail on his hands, the pose they are holding is to my mind, perfect.

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