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Herbie's World of Kitsch & Toys: Tofu The Vegan Zombie!!

(Original blog post - Sunday, 28 October 2012)

Tofu The Vegan Zombie!!

(Below text & photo originally Posted on Flickr - 11th February 2010)

Tofu The Vegan Zombie... Coming to a rotten apple near you!!
Tofu is a friendly zombie, created from a botched experiment in Professor Vost's laboratory.
Lab Monkey # 5, one of Vost's lab animals, stuffed a block of tofu into the zombie boy's open skull after accidentally losing the brain.
As a result, Tofu eats only vegetables and grains. However, if Tofu ever loses his "tofu-brain", he turns into a dangerous zombie creature, craving human flesh!

Tofu comes in a cool broken crate covered in "fresh zombie" & "no brains added" stickers with all the rotten fruit and veg' he can eat!!
I got him on (US) evil - ebay ... I just discovered him while I was searching for something else and then that was it for me lol I got so sidetracked by his cuteness I still can't remember what I was originally looking for hahahaha ....

Tofu the Vegan Zombie in Zombie Dearest.

See the full size Toy version at:

(Or on this page!)

or click the video below if you prefer!

I'm guessing you probably have a bit of a thing for zombies seeing as you're currently on this page, but what about the moronic brain munching variety?

And exactly what would you do if you were ever in a situation where you were very likely about to be assaulted by a member of the stinky-undead?

Imagine the scenario, there's a zombie in front of you, he/she wants to munch your brain and all you can do is think "What the (insert swearword here) should I do to kill this (insert another swearword)?

Well fear not, because Herbie can help!

Sometime around 2008, I wrote a little blog post on my Bebo page that could just save your life:

My 10 Step Guide to ensuring you win the fight and get to keep your brain, a few months or maybe a year later, being stuck for ideas and having just opened an account, I decided to write it up as a lens on Squidoo entitled "How to Survive a Zombie Attack".

So without further ado, here's a link to that lens:

In the words of Edgar Frog: "Read it, it may just save your life"!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

HUJOO " FREYR" JunkySpot Designed Anthropomorphic Doll - A New one folks!

A few months ago I wrote about the new Junkyspot designed cutie cat doll "Freya" under the title: "HUJOO " FREYA" JunkySpot Designed Anthropomorphic Doll", link here if you'd like to recap: Hujoo Junkyspot Freya

Well today I opened my emails and found a message from Junkyspot that make me have to re-read that post as I thought I had committed a spelling faux pas, as the doll they informed me is now available to buy is another anthropomorphic feline, called "FREYR" (see where my confusion laid?) also available in grey or white, but "FREYR" is a boy cat - or should that be Tom cat? anyhoo, FREYA can now have a brother or a boyfriend depending on how you, or I feel!

Anyhoo, I guess it's time to stop wittering and cut to the good stuff so here it is; Here's the first images of this cute little lad, taken from the email Junkyspot sent:

Of course I had to go over to the website and check him out, how could I resist!

 The first thing I found was this little bit of info, which is quite helpful for anyone who
 doesn't yet have a "Freya" or even a "Freyr" ...

While I'm on this section, I think it might be helpful to others if I tell you what I discovered while fixing my Freya's tail and after I had done so, but first here's the pic's you've been waiting for.... Junkyspot's FREYR:

And in case you need or want some comparison pictures, just look below, I've tried to find similar poses to show off the chest area, for obvious reasons (nothing pervy honest!)

                                                                     FREYA       ⇜  

Information taken from the Junkyspot Ebay listing, I purchased my girl through:

Head: Takes a 6.5-7" wig (would need to be modified to fit ears)

Height : 23cm
Eyes : 16mm
Girth of neck : 4cm
Girth of Chest : 10.5cm
width of shoulders : 4cm
Girth of Waist : 8cm
Girth of hips : 11cm" 

   ⇝      FREYR        ⇜ 

Junkyspot lists his dimensions as:

"Head: Takes a 6.5-7" wig (would need to be modified to fit ears)
Height : 23cm
Eyes : 18mm (not included)
Girth of neck : 4cm
Girth of Chest : 10.5cm
width of shoulders : 5.5cm
Girth of Waist : 9cm
Girth of hips : 10.5cm
Foot Size: 3.5cm"

Sale price for Freyr is $44.99 direct from Junkyspot's website where he is available in either grey or white, they also still have Freya (available in grey only) for the same price. A little note on the bottom of the email states that if it is on the website it's in stock wooohoo!

Before I go, I think I should add a brief not about Freya magnets (sadly I haven't a Freyr yet, so I am unable to comment on his magnet yet) but hopefully, the things I encountered with my Freya will be of some help to others who own or are thinking of owning either of these beautiful dolls...

A word about magnets and some advice on issues, I've encountered and how I fixed them:

The first thing I found is the tail was very "swingy" and often fell off at the lightest touch, after I had glued it in using the recommended Zap A Glue.

 Once I discovered this I had to work out how to remove it again, in the least damaging way possible; I discovered the best way to do this is to boil the kettle, place a little water in a bowl, wait a couple of seconds for it to cool a little, then place in the Freya hip area ( unstrung) - it took no more than 3 seconds before I had a magnet floating around in the bowl along with her hip joint, and due to the type of plastic used in Hujoo Doll production  no damage at all was done to the plasti through this "heating" process - success!

I placed the magnet on the inside of her hip area, which meant I had to unstring her before placing the magnet, and then re-string her afterwards - this was something I had never done before, but I soon realised the best thing (tool wise) that you an you to help with this task is several pairs of forceps, in different sizes (locking ones - sold for fishing) longer thinner ones are very handy if the elastic "string" pinges back inside the doll's body at the last minute - Expect this to happen more than once, so patience is an absolute virtue oh and an extra pair of hands helps heaps too! - Sadly this also meant that one I discovered the "Swing" issue, I had to unstring her again, to remove and replace the magnet *sigh*

So here's my advice on magnets - it's worth considering before you even think about where you will be placing it.

  The "Swing issue" I mentioned is caused by the fact that the magnet used to hold the tail to the doll's body is small, and not very powerful  one of which  has to be raised slightly to fit inside the tail itself (and is therefore not easily obtainable in the right size and strength needed), so I decided the best way to fix the issue as to keep the tail magnet as is and then buy a more powerful magnet to go inside Freya's hips which should hold it in place better.

But here's the rub, the area inside Freya's hips only allows a centimetre and a half (if that) before any magnet placed inside this area messes with the hip ball joints and therefore movement of the doll's legs, also as this area needs to allow for free flowing elastic, which connects from Hujoo doll legs through to the shoulder area and out of the neck, the magnet used cannot be too high, and so buying a powerful and yet flat but small magnet to use on this area is again hard to find and also quite expensive (for what it is) when you are able to locate one...The other issue with buying a magnet is that the one Freya comes with is approximately 7mm however, magnets are not sold in odd sizes, so you need to opt for either a 6mm or an 8mm instead, there is also the strength available in these sizes to consider too, obviously the higher the strength and the smaller the  size the magnet is the key here...

So I compromised I bought an 8mm flat magnet which is 1mm high (it turns out this was the perfect size to place inside her hips) the strength I went for is N50 it is possible to buy N52 but these are very expensive in the size needed, also I could have bought a 5mm high magnet but I was unsure how much this would interfere with her strung areas, so to be safe, I found a listing for ten 8mm x 1mm going cheap and bought them instead, then waited on tenterhooks until they arrived and I could make a start!

The great thing about buying the flatter magnets was that I was able to "build up" the size without interfering with the string area, so I actually glued several of the magnets together (after testing the strength and string interference as I went along) until I had enough power in the magnets to keep the tail in place without it falling off all the time, it also worked perfectly through fabrics (I tried different types) so when I was satisfied  I glued everything in place and restrung my little darling!

Ok so enough about magnets, if you haven't already gone over to Junkyspot to check him out; there is loads more pictures of him over there, so... why not?!

(A quick disclaimer:  Photo's, and info' taken directly from Junkyspot's website & Ebay Freya listing, screenshots taken from Junkyspot email and website.)

That's it for now, hope you've enjoyed reading it!


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☞ A Pictorial Scrapbook for Steampunk outfit ideas... ☜

I've had a few ideas for making a Steampunkeque costume for one or more of my dolls, but first I've decided to use this page as a kind of scrapbook to collect all the images I find that I think I could work with or inspire me in some way and that way they'll all be in one place so I can refer back to them at a later date, well it sounds like a plan to me anyway... if however, you find the idea boring, feel free to skip ahead!

First up, some leather gauntlets from 5 different angles, which is always handy, anyhoo, they might work and wouldn't be too hard to make... And may look good with an Aviator type costume...

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☃ Higglety Pigglety Postings ... ☃

Just in case you're wondering why my posting subjects seem to be a bit all over the place right now, well it's because I have been guilty - very guilty - of saving images or listings and half written posts, which I just haven't had a chance to finish off and publish for months - eeek!

Today, I decided I'd do a proper "sweep" of all my drafts and finish the ones I want to get out and maybe even delete some other or double posts etc.- I really hate double posts, sadly it's something I do though as I often forget what I've been doing ho hum!

Anyhoo, so that's why there's some seemingly sporadic postings and perhaps even a lot on one theme or themes on totally different ends of the doll / toy / other things I love spectrum.

hopefully, you won't mind too much, or will perhaps even find some things of  interest among my postal scribblings!

Little Ruby Red Head Art Doll & Jack Skeleton Too!

Several months ago on Evil-Ebay again, I happened upon a seller who sold dolls she made, these two caught my eye.  

I've been thinking of making my own unique doll for some time now, not just adapting a Barbie or similar type doll or making a rag type doll, actually moulding and shaping the pieces myself and then putting it all together (I'd like it to be ball jointed and strung) but of course this is the type of project that requires a hell of a lot of thought and research before I'd even feel comfortable getting to the design stage.

While I was not even considering these ideas when I discovered these little sweeties they really did appeal to me and give me a few ideas of my own for what kind of materials I could use in order to bring my dream doll  to life!

Right now I'm not even sure mine would be a "Gothic" type, although this style does appeal to me very much, for now though, I've decided that as I missed the auction listings for these two - (I had originally copied and pasted these to this post, but run out of time being sidetracked to blog about them in time before the listings ended) - Now the seller has nothing else on Ebay, but as these listings originally included facebook pages etc, I'll include them at the bottom of this post - I'd still write a few words about them and put up the pictures (taken from the listings) as it is helpful for me to be able to refer back to them at a later date, and so to the dolls themselves...

The first one I found was listed as: Little Ruby Red Head The Sugar Skull Dia De Los Muertos Day Of The Dead Art Doll. All The information about the dolls has been taken from the listings (copied and pasted) and therefore I have chosen to differentiate between my own words and the Seller's by using italics and quotation marks to illustrate her words.

"Little Ruby Red Head is a proper little Diva. 

She once whispered that she wanted to be a Rock Chic and play the guitar in a band. She certainly looks the part with her vibrant Red hair, Rockabilly netted skirt & Black pvc cap. 

She is hand crafted, no moulds & hand painted with with acrylics & varnished. Her little skirt is so cute with Alexander Henry material Roses & skulls with Black net underneath. Her hands and legs move. 

She is a total one off and totally adorable in every way with the sweetest facial features.

I love the Mexican festival and the beautiful way that skulls are painted in honour of the dead & Ruby is designed in this style.

Little Ruby Red Head is made from reclaimed, recycled, Haberdashery & ribbon. Her shabby chic hand stitched tatty features are all part of her adorable charm.

Please note that Little Ruby Red Red Head is not a toy. She may not be suitable for children due to small parts, buttons, etc...She needs a loving caring home but also someone with a gentle touch.
8" high approx.

**** Ruby is a one of a kind unique art doll. She comes with her own little signed birth cirtificate & keep sake box. ****

Ruby is made from reclaimed, recycled, rags, ribbon & clothes. Her shabby chic hand stitched tatty features are all part of her adorable charm & junkbabies design.

Please note that Ruby may not be suitable for smaller children due to small parts, buttons, etc... She needs a loving caring home but also someone with a gentle touch.

£57.00 + £8.00 P&P"

The second one was listed as Jack Skeleton Art Doll (as far as I can remember anyway!)
 And his picture and description, is as follows:

"Jack Skeleton is a skeleton with a huge heart. I designed him from haberdashery items, felt and Polymer Clay 
and he is fantastic. His hand painted face gives him a cheeky expression. He has a adorable charm. 

His arms and legs are movable so he can sit next to you while you read him spooky stories. 

As with all the dolls he is unique a total one off.

Jack Skeleton is made from reclaimed, recycled, rags, & clothes the way all Junkbaby dolls are designed.

Please note that * Jack Skeleton * may not be suitable for smaller children due to small parts, buttons, etc... 

He needs a loving caring home but also someone with a gentle touch.

approx 19" High. Hard head & hands. His tummy, Legs & arms are soft & floppy

He is one of a kind design. Handcrafted & Handpainted.

**** Jack is a one of a kind unique art doll. 

He comes with his own little signed birth cirtificate & keep sake box ****

Jack is made from reclaimed, recycled, rags, riibon & clothes. 

His shabby chic hand stitched tatty features are all part of her adorable charm & junkbabies design.

£45.00 + £15.00 P&P"

Information and possibly other dolls (if I recall correctly, they are all "One of a Kind") ..
can be found by following the links provided by the Seller (in the listings) below:

You will find anything Rockabilly, Tattoo Quirky or Statement but if your looking for more than visit

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• Maromisa • Gets Hair • A Face Up • And A New Obsession •

... And I learn how to make Tibetan lambswool Wigs for Hujoo girls!

I finally got around to making Maromisa a wig with some Tibetan Lambswool plates I bought recently - the only problem is that the skins weren't quite big enough, and I had to sew them together - so I ended up making her a maquette instead!

I don't mind though as it's all good practice and it was a lot easier than I imagined it would be from all the tutorials I'd been reading, the method I finally went for was a tutorial by Martha Boers (Antique Lilac) which you can find by clicking this link: Antique Lilac- Tibetan Lambskin Wigs Tutorial

 I first discovered this amazingly talented lady's work in an Adele's Creative Costuming Newsletter a few years ago, when her "Country Ruffles" BJD dress pattern and Tutorial was featured one month - if that sounds intriguing, click this link to check it out: Antique Lilac - Country Ruffles Pattern - I'll be adapting this pattern to fit one of my girls very soon, once I've found some really cute fabrics to make it out of, and no doubt showing it off somewhere on this blog too...

Martha Boer's website and Blog contains a wealth of information and ideas, has very easy to follow tutorials for some easy to adapt cute and impressive looking outfits, which look like they should be much harder to make than they are - and she has gorgeous dolls of her own to ogle too, it's well worth a look or a bookmark or two or three!

Anyhoo, Maromisa's wig - well sadly my printer's out of ink again ( it's a guzzler that costs loads to refill each time!) so I couldn't print off the pattern and had to make my own, using a jpg of  Martha's as a guide, I then made a wig cap out of linen (I have no felt right now), as a "tester piece" and used this to make any alteration I felt should be made.

Testing her new hair and a Blythe dress

When I was happy with the fit, I cut the skin with my trusty scalpel and a lot of trepidation and set to work sewing the pieces together, it was surprisingly easy ... Until it came to "Try it on Time" then it got really tricky!

The trouble was, I found that I'd somehow made it too big, and try as I might sewing and resewing the seams  a little at a time to bring them in, it just didn't seem to be getting any smaller?

Then came a new problem, all that seam resewing had caused the pre cut ear areas to move - nagdabbit!

And so I now had to work out how to cut or shape these areas on a head shaped wig as there was no way after all that sewing, I was going to unpick it; my fingers hurt :(

I managed to sort this with tiny snips and sewing, but afterwards found the wig is somehow bigger than before?  I know it's madness!! 

And so it moves about quite a bit now and will need to be secured somehow for more "athletic" or "motion" style poses, however, I'm not unhappy with it as it looks pretty good considering that only an hour or so before it was a flat piece of lamb skin with fleece attached to it, and as Aaron told me "It's not a total failure, as you've learnt so much making it"! 

He's right too, I now feel much more confident than I did before I started about making this kind of wig, and I'm sure that now I know a few of the pitfalls to expect I can counteract them during the planning stages, so the next wig I make will be just right, and this one will be good to keep for another doll at another time - it's a shame though as I wanted her to have black hair and the only black Tibetan Lambswool skin I could find was around 5 inches square.

 I bought 3 - not really knowing how much I would need at all, but next time I will be wiser, the only problem is I don't have any more of it left, well not enough for a head her size... So I may have to make her a Chocolate Brown one instead - it's a lovely colour though and I do have plenty of it so I shouldn't complain. 

Maromisa has decided she wants to be Barbarella when she grows up and so I now have no chance of getting her to take off this outfit, especially the "Moon boots" she's mad about them and has been trekking mud and snow all over the house since she put them on - I knew no good would come of  letting them watch that film *sigh* 

I only did so they'd stay quiet while I started writing this post, more fool me I guess!

I gave her new lashes, those gorgeous amber eyes,  some eye liner and some subtle lip gloss, (which oddly has come out in these photos as being orangey when it's actually light brown?) some blush and I matted her face with Mr. Super clear.

I had to clip it back, because the more I fiddled with it, the more unruly it become! 
Still Hello Kitty clips are cute - I'm just not sure how they fit in with the "Barbarella" theme though, but Maromisa insisted on them!

I managed to get Maromisa, Akimoto & Ae Sook Aiko to sit still long enough for a "family Portrait"!

Wow that was a lucky shot - sadly though less than 5 minutes later they were all running about like mad things...

Ae sook is pretending to be an evil biting doll so everyone's ( dogs included ) ankles are in peril.

Akimoto is currently pursuing Maromisa and yelling at her to "Come back so I can feed you to the Mathmos".

Maromisa is running here there and everywhere, jumping on and off of furniture and berating him, "You're Supposed to be Pygar and to come and rescue me - Durand Durand is invisible, Silly"!

Akimoto thinks Pygar is soppy, and Ae sook is still trying to chew everything she comes into contact with...

I have a feeling it will all end in tears very soon, no doubt with Ae sook in a tiny sleeping ball in some corner, while the other two bicker to the point where I have to get involved... "Kids.. tsk"!

Hope your day is quieter,

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

⇝ Freddy Krueger Stick-Up Toy ⇜

Here's my Freddy Krueger "Stick up" toy from 1988. 

I've always had a thing about Freddy Krueger, he's my favourite "Anti-Hero" I even had a poster of him on the ceiling over my bed, I had a mask, glove and hat too and quite a few of the videos and "Freddy's Nightmares" TV Series all curtsey of my Big brother Carl - apart from the poster that is..

 Sometime around 1989, Carl gave me one of these toys (unpackaged) and I used to take him with me when I went somewhere where I felt I needed a mascot... he was also a great help to me; sitting on the end of my desk or in my top pocket while I sat my G.C.S.E Mocks and G.C.S.E Exams!

 But for some reason  one day I noticed he'd somehow broken his leg - this wasn't an issue though as his trousers held it in well enough that it never fell out and got lost.

What did get lost was my " Little Freddy"  himself  - I was gutted, I couldn't remember when the last time I saw him was or imagine whatever happened to him, but I never forgot him and always had dreams of replacing him, but I never managed to find another one like him again...

Until about 5 years ago, when I discovered by the awesomeness that is a combination of the Internet and Ebay, a man in America had one for sale and unopened too, and at a good price too, even with shipping costs to the U.K, so I placed a bid and thought I had no chance, lucky for me I won!

I'd never seen his packaging before so I was and still am so pleased to have another, although I'd still love to get another - without packaging - as every time I look at him, I want to open the package and carry him around with me, but at the same time I know opening the blister he's sitting in will destroy the packaging and I'd hate to do that.... so I guess for now or until I can find another, he'll stay as is.

Btw - The white thing in his hand is a little skull with a loop for his fingers to hold it, just in case you were  wondering.

⇉ 1920 Article Scientific Invention Patents Motors Dolls Hair Curler Windmill ⇇

A while ago I found this page of advertisements on an Ebay listing and just had to save it here, I thought that one day when I get around to doing a "Steam Punk" collage or find another use for it, it will come in handy, so I decided the best way to save it and save space on my hard drive at the same time is to use my blog as a storage space (to some degree anyway).

"This is an original 1920 one-page article (one single-sided page) of a variety of scientific invention patents.

CONDITION:  This 91+ year old Item is rated Near Mint / Very Fine. Light aging throughout. No natural defects. Some light surface rub. No tears. No water damage. Please note that there is print on the reverse."

The seller had listed some information about it, which surprised me and so I've copied and pasted that here too ( in italics, above). 

The title for this post is the same one the seller used to list the item on Ebay, so if you'd like to own the original - if it's still available - my advice is to copy the title and paste into your Ebay search bar, you never know, you may get lucky!

Obviously as this a scaled down image of the original it may not take to enlargement very well - the picture below is the largest size I have been able to make the image.

Maybe you'll have better luck or know a few tricks - if you chose to use it that is!

Well here's a blast from the past

Here's Something I'd long since forgotten about, but rediscovered  while browsing the internet for sewing patterns... My memory was jogged when I found this "Vintage YO-YO TOYS Sewing Pattern - Doll Clown Dog Owl Caterpillar Toys" - it's a pattern by Simplicity # 8225 © 1977.

The pattern contains templates and instructions to make an owl, dog, clown, caterpillar and a doll from different sized yoyos, see photo below...

I wonder why it stopped being fashion to make these dolls for children in your family or friend's children, they were such a common site in my early years and it seemed you couldn't visit an old lady or couple with children, without seeing one of these!

They turned up in any Village, School, Church fete, bizarre or jumble sale and there were many patterns for them published in magazines, books and being sold in Fabric & Haberdashery Shops at the time.

 Then the Mid-Eighties arrived and they just began to fade away... occasionally you'd encounter one in a friend's house, or during an attic "tidy" but mostly they all got donated to charity I guess, as more often than not that's where you'll find one these days.

Image from cover of Simplicity pattern 8225 (found on Ebay)

While they look like a lot goes into them, that's only true in terms of time and fabric scraps and the end result is just so kitsch and to me perfect, the design is simple, so is it's execution  which I guess is another reason why I love these dolls so much...

It also means that you can easily make yourself one if you have a spare few hours and perhaps even a doll face to top it off with, with minimal effort and to be honest, you don't even need to use a pattern, the only thing that may be awkward is how to string all the "yoyos" together to finish it off, but lucky you, I've found two cute little diagrams which explain it how to do it clearly, so if you do make yourself one one day, don't forget to drop me a line with a link so I can look at the photo's and get jealous!

 The images above and below were taken from a website that shows you how to make a plastic recycled "Scrunch Doll" the link to this website can be found below, just scroll down for the link...

I remember these dolls as being really bright and really cuddly and always made me smile whenever I saw one!

Most of the ones I remember had Clown faces, but I've seen in  patterns from the time, that some people got quite creative and they always seemed to give them bells or pom poms for hands and feet too, I have no idea why though!

My cousin Ernie, used to make patchwork quilts, she cut hundreds of tiny hexagons out of old clothes and sheets, placed two together back to back, then sewed them around the edges, turned them back the right side up, and then put them in a bag until she'd saved enough to sew them all together into a blanket... She had bin bags full of them!

 I remember, when I was visiting my Great Aunt ,I always asked to see Ernie's patches, and one day, after I remarked they were like "those Dolls" she showed me how to make one...using her patches to demonstrate (unfortunately they weren't sewn together, so I never got to go home with a new doll, but at least I'd gained the knowledge to make one if I ever had enough time and scraps!) 

I've come to realise, that not only are they lovely, cheerful and cuddly toys, they are also very cheap to make and serve as a really cool way to display, whilst recycling Vintage fabrics!

Or you can even make one out of Plastic Bags, by following the directions I've found on this site:

Recycled plastic bag "Scrunch Doll"

It also serves as a pattern to make fabric ones too, a slight bit of tweaking and you'll have your doll!


☼ Lava Glazed Tear Drop lamp ☼

I just love this 38cm, German ceramic Lava tear drop shaped Lamp Base by Roth or perhaps even Scheurich in the 1960's to 1970's, that I found on Ebay in November.

It's so reminiscent of those time periods, has a very unique shape and the added bonus that it's fired in Lava Glaze which always makes items of those periods look so much cooler, add to that the funky orange glaze and wow, we have a winner!

The only problem is a lot of other people agreed with me and in the end it sold for £42.51, still it's another one for the wishlist and to keep my eyes peeled for!

Sadly it has no markings on the bottom so it's not possible for me anyway to tell who made it, but it does have the original on / off switch which also helps to pin point it in time.

Perhaps one day I'll find another for less than this one cost and grab myself a bargain, at least I hope so!



Here's another stunning Vintage doll I'd never heard of until I found a listing for her on Ebay a month or so back.

I would have bid on her but there was a huge bid war happening on her and I know I'd have no chance if I joined in, so I nabbed the listing photo so I could keep a record of her in case one day I see her again. 

At the end of the listing, I checked how much she went for and discovered she cost £51.00!

She was made in the 1960's as evidenced by the artwork on her box, is most likely a Sindy clone or a Tammy fore runner, this is her original packaging, her dress is pretty plain, but she has the bonus that she comes with a changeable head so she could be either a brunette or a blonde depending on how you feel and has a raincoat to wear as her name suggests, a head scarf with safety pin an umbrella and her Wellington boots... 

She is definitely another one for my wishlist even though at present I don't know anything else about her!

I'll update if and when I find out more, but for now here's a pretty picture:

Monday, 11 February 2013

☆ More Ebay Finds that have become Wants! ☆

On Ebay a few months back, I found a beautiful doll, I'e seen before - more for my "Eyes Peeled List" - this one was being sold as BNIB but it's obvious to me she has been removed at some time, and the box is in a hell of a state, neither of these things would really bother me, but when a doll comes with a high price tag due to her BNIB status, I decided to pass.

The doll is a LACE Celebrity Rock Star Doll by Creata Toys made in 1987 and if you ask me - definitely based on Tina Turner - which explains why she's so beautiful!

Anyway, here she is and her bashed up box, which oddly has "Barbie is a registered Trademark of Mattel Corp" written on bottom of the box, anyhoo here she is:

I have a couple of Creata Dolls in my collection, but they are nothing on this beautiful girl... still maybe one day I'll be able to add her or another one similar to them!


Ok I'm so Gutted Post in Dolls More Dolls, Jun 3, '09 9:39 PM by Herbie for everyone

I came across someone's blog by accident just now... and a post under the title of Ugly Duckling 27th July 2007 had a pic' of this awesome doll (see first pic')... minus her hand...

There was a note on it saying please help with ID or if you want to adopt and email address... so I took a chance and mailed.

I started thinking yay when I received a reply and started reading... yes I still have her... yes she's still for sale - she's priced at $50 + shipping.... OK!

Then comes the scary part.... as I read on...

.... I've heavily customised her (oh NO... she was perfect as she was only needed a new hand and a Herbie to love her :-S)

Anyhoo... I clicked the link... and HORROR upon Horrors!!!

I'm confronted with pic' number 2 (dated 3 days later) *sob*

So my dear friends.... could you all be on the lookout for one like the first pic'?  And think of poor old upset Herbie if you do find one?

I didn't even know this doll existed but now I do I'm in love... :(

And feeling so disappointed that the only chance I might ever get to own one of these cuties is a been butchered beyond belief messed up poor old needs to be thrown away and never try to customise again....ARE YOU MAD???? doll


Thanks buddies, Herbs x

P.S.... I think she may be a Kamar Doll... ???

And before you all have a go at me, yes I am fully aware that customisation is a matter of personal taste and one man's "Beauty" may be another Man's "Turd" but for me and my love of vintage toys, I found it depressing, very depressing and would have just kept hold of her and waited until I could find a suitable replacement hand, not ripped her apart and repainted her... oh well... eyes peeled anyway.