Sunday, 13 January 2013

Have I introduced you to my "Froggy" yet?

Well just in case I didn't', and just because I love showing off my little boy.... Here's "Froggy"!!

Well his real name is "Clyde" at least that's the name he came to me with when I adopted him in April 2012; but over the months he's lived here, he's become known as "Clyde Frog" and even "Froggy" sometimes even "Frogger" (well I am a child of the 80's!), I'm also also a fan of South park and Cartman and his "Artemus Clyde Frog" in particular, so I guess my Beardie's nicknames are not that much of a huge leap!

And...what's not to love in the "Wild Wild West" episode of South park... "Ah Wiki Wiki..."?

Screenshot from Southpark Studios .com

You can watch part of the episode on South Park by clicking this link: "Hell Yeah"!!

Also, there are more episode clips and full episodes on that site ♥

And, if you need some - Info' on Clyde Frog, check out this link: Froggy!

On the subject of Clyde Frog, I've discovered you cannot buy Clyde Frog toys? I know it's mental, Matt & Trey have really missed a trick, still last year I decided to make my own, to that end I have drawn up a pattern, but I've not had a chance to try it out and see if it works yet, when I do, I'll upload it for anyone who'd like to make their own *Grin*

But back to my gorgeous Beardie... I bought him from a girl who lives in the same village as me, for cheaps too, as she was having a baby and decided to small down on her pets, hmmm - plenty Id like to say about that, and how she treated him, but idk, I think maybe I should keep this post light and just show off how lovely my little guy is instead!

Peekaboo with Clyde Frog!

Ah there he is!

 Not such a good selection of images, but I couldn't stop the blur due to his moving so fast, anyhoo, this is what Clyde does when he wants to come out for cuddles - he just loves his cuddles!

Until I open his Vivarium, he goes backwards and forwards, reaching up and banging on the perspex until I take notice of him and get him out, sometimes even then he isn't satisfied by having a cuddle  he'll keep doing it all night even after having four or five cuddles and being put back, he gets restless I guess, still it is cute!

Once he's out, he does his "smug face"! And then if I bring him closer to me and place my cheek against his skin, he does this... 

Every time, I put my cheek to him, he closes his eyes, if I move him away they snap open and he gets a mood on, until I place my cheek to him again, it works great for calming him down when he's in a really bad mood!

These photos were taken on his first night with us, his house was very bare, it just had a plain wooden back to it, a couple of pieces of wood to perch on, a hideaway / basking area, a few stones and omfg builder's sand... I kid you not, it also stunk of tobacco, so I keep thinking it was obtained from a Pub's smoking area, still I changed all that, I got him a wood/foliage background, some interesting pieces of wood ad some fabric ivy, which I placed all along the top, back and sides of his enclosure, before filling the base with "calcium sand", he seems much happier now, and it looks and smells much nicer in his house too!

I also bought him a new UV bulb, as the one he had when he arrived was over a year old (very bad as the UV content diminishes over time) but I'm not going to dwell on that, or the starvation, the rotten food or even the mites, and how cold he got during the move, what I will tell you is; My Clyde Frog wants for nothing and is very very loved - I have wanted a lizard since my early childhood and a Bearded Dragon for over 15 years, so this little man is a dream come true for me and I'd do anything I could to make sure he is happy and contented!

Clyde amazes me when I find him fast asleep in positions like this - how can that even be comfy?! Still I guess if you're a Bearded Dragon, it's the ultimate in comfortable, or at least he certainly makes it look that way!

This is one of the early shots Aaron took of Clyde, in the first few days after he'd moved in. This was taken after I had just started adding to his house and got his new "background" up. He's about to fall asleep, but I can't help feeling he looks very depressed in this picture too bless him, he's had quite a rough ride in his first 18 months of life.

Before he moved into the person I got him from's house, he had been living happily with a male owner who had given him a female companion to share his home, called "Bonnie", they had obviously bonded really well, but in his first owner's quest for cash, he sadly he sold them both separately  so when Clyde came to live with ****** he was, ( from the trouble she said she had with him, and my own opinion), pining for his mate and of course this led him to go off his food and be a little anti sociable.

I did give her some advice on how she could help him, but she felt the best course of action was to starve him into submission, of course this didn't work and horrified me when I found out. I told her again and again, I would take him if she found him such a nuisance but to no avail, until several months later when she thankfully? became pregnant and emailed me to see if Id live to come and met him / buy him off her!

Annoyingly, she also decided to starve him the night before he moved in too, saying she thought she was doing me a favour so he would eat for me?! WTF

Clyde having a really bad time shedding, a couple of tepid baths helped though.

The same day I met Clyde, I discovered she had other animals she wanted shot of, so that night we went home with 2 Rats and 2 Degu as well - one of the Rats turned out to be pregnant and had 9 babies a month later (yes they all stayed, we have 2 large houses; Daddy & Sons in one and Mummy & Daughters in the other!).

Sadly, we later discovered they were running with some kind of mites, which is of course just what you need when bringing them into a home with several other small caged animals and dogs!

Whatever they are they were vile, they chewed their ears to pieces and are an absolute nightmare to get rid of, despite regular monthly baths, completely disinfecting the houses, floors carpets, walls and anything else their bedding may have touched then bathing the furries and dropping mite stuff onto them. Obviously this is made worse by the fact the Degu cannot be washed in water, so that's fun!

Judging from ******'s lack of knowledge of what fruit and vegetables are available in the UK and the fact that the fruits she gave us to take home for the animals we'd just adopted - saying "We don't eat that kind of thing" - were rotten, I'm really not surprised that poor little Clyde Frog refused to eat, what does surprise me is that he managed to survive for all those months until I could take him home with me!

That said, this is a Vegan household, so knowledge of fruits and vegetables is obviously something we don't even think about here, and it also means, there is always a supply of fresh items for all our animals to eat or at least sample!

The crazy thing was that first night, Clyde wolfed down everything I offered him, from rocket (this is a firm favourite) to lambs ear lettuce, apple, pineapple, bananas, butternut squash & yam, he ate it all - in fact I think this little boy of mine may be getting a tad chubby, but after what he's been through it's so hard for me to refuse him anything, in fact I don't at all!

He kind of rules the roost, but what he doesn't realise is he is being dieted a little, his portions are slightly smaller and dusted regularly with both Calcium supplement for his livefoods and Vitamin / Mineral Supplement for his fruit and veg.

Froggy eating some of his Xmas Dinner!

The craziest thing for me was all the things he was supposed to have tried and refused, he happily ate them for Aaron and I, and also the livefoods he was supposed to like (Crickets and Locusts) he can take or leave, most often leave, and yet the ones he is supposed to dislike, like Morio worms, he loves! *Sigh*

 A few days after he moved in I discovered his Mealworms were full of grain mites? (I checked online), that made me throw up - I've never seen anything like those before and hope not to ever again, it was absolutely grotesque, I hadn't noticed at first, partly because I didn't know these things even existed and partly because I had been feeding him a lot of fruit and veg in the hope of undoing any damage that may have been caused by his previous diet and also because I just loved seeing how happily he munched everything on offer.

I felt terrible as I had to again kill but I can't stand parasites, and what else could I do?

As this subject is making me itch all over and my skin crawl I'm going to stop talking about that, and oh blimey I did say I wasn't going to talk about it at all didn't I? ah well I can't help it, sometimes you cannot say the thing you want without touching on subjects you'd rather not go into, well that's my excuse anyway!

But anyhoo, that's my Froggy, and some pictures of his adorable cuteness, I hope you enjoyed seeing my little baby as much as I enjoyed showing him off!

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