Wednesday, 2 January 2013

☯ I've won me a Tangkou "France" Doll... ☯

Or rather I got outbid on a Tangkou "French Girl" Doll, but joy of joys, the Seller offered me another on "Second Chance" so I actually got her for £1.00 less than the person who outbid me paid.
I can't help thinking that it is a kind of justice for "sniping" me while I'm trying to add to my big eyed doll collection!!

Photo from Website

Anyhoo, hopefully she'll not take too long to arrive as I won her other the holiday period so I just hope that there isn't a backlog of mail in the Royal Mail Depot near me!

Photo from Tangkou UK website
I just love this girl's eyelids so the will definitely be left as is, but the rest of her will be getting a complete overhaul... possibly even a new body...

 Sadly though, since purchasing this one, I have started to find myself wanting to get "Aussie" now as well, even though she was my least favourite after the Vampire one, but she makes me very curious as I've not seen any posts from anyone who owns one, and I'd love to know exactly what her eyelids are patterned with, ah well perhaps one day!

Customisation will be starting on my new girl as soon as she arrives (time permitting!) as I cannot wait to see what exactly goes inside those big heads and compare them with my Pullip, Blythe, C.C.E, Baasak and Little Big Eyes inner workings, that may even lead to a new blog post soon!

Stay tuned!!

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