Monday, 18 February 2013

☃ Higglety Pigglety Postings ... ☃

Just in case you're wondering why my posting subjects seem to be a bit all over the place right now, well it's because I have been guilty - very guilty - of saving images or listings and half written posts, which I just haven't had a chance to finish off and publish for months - eeek!

Today, I decided I'd do a proper "sweep" of all my drafts and finish the ones I want to get out and maybe even delete some other or double posts etc.- I really hate double posts, sadly it's something I do though as I often forget what I've been doing ho hum!

Anyhoo, so that's why there's some seemingly sporadic postings and perhaps even a lot on one theme or themes on totally different ends of the doll / toy / other things I love spectrum.

hopefully, you won't mind too much, or will perhaps even find some things of  interest among my postal scribblings!

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