Tuesday, 12 February 2013

☼ Lava Glazed Tear Drop lamp ☼

I just love this 38cm, German ceramic Lava tear drop shaped Lamp Base by Roth or perhaps even Scheurich in the 1960's to 1970's, that I found on Ebay in November.

It's so reminiscent of those time periods, has a very unique shape and the added bonus that it's fired in Lava Glaze which always makes items of those periods look so much cooler, add to that the funky orange glaze and wow, we have a winner!

The only problem is a lot of other people agreed with me and in the end it sold for £42.51, still it's another one for the wishlist and to keep my eyes peeled for!

Sadly it has no markings on the bottom so it's not possible for me anyway to tell who made it, but it does have the original on / off switch which also helps to pin point it in time.

Perhaps one day I'll find another for less than this one cost and grab myself a bargain, at least I hope so!


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