Monday, 11 February 2013

Ok I'm so Gutted Post in Dolls More Dolls, Jun 3, '09 9:39 PM by Herbie for everyone

I came across someone's blog by accident just now... and a post under the title of Ugly Duckling 27th July 2007 had a pic' of this awesome doll (see first pic')... minus her hand...

There was a note on it saying please help with ID or if you want to adopt and email address... so I took a chance and mailed.

I started thinking yay when I received a reply and started reading... yes I still have her... yes she's still for sale - she's priced at $50 + shipping.... OK!

Then comes the scary part.... as I read on...

.... I've heavily customised her (oh NO... she was perfect as she was only needed a new hand and a Herbie to love her :-S)

Anyhoo... I clicked the link... and HORROR upon Horrors!!!

I'm confronted with pic' number 2 (dated 3 days later) *sob*

So my dear friends.... could you all be on the lookout for one like the first pic'?  And think of poor old upset Herbie if you do find one?

I didn't even know this doll existed but now I do I'm in love... :(

And feeling so disappointed that the only chance I might ever get to own one of these cuties is a been butchered beyond belief messed up poor old needs to be thrown away and never try to customise again....ARE YOU MAD???? doll


Thanks buddies, Herbs x

P.S.... I think she may be a Kamar Doll... ???

And before you all have a go at me, yes I am fully aware that customisation is a matter of personal taste and one man's "Beauty" may be another Man's "Turd" but for me and my love of vintage toys, I found it depressing, very depressing and would have just kept hold of her and waited until I could find a suitable replacement hand, not ripped her apart and repainted her... oh well... eyes peeled anyway.


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