Tuesday, 12 February 2013

⇝ Freddy Krueger Stick-Up Toy ⇜

Here's my Freddy Krueger "Stick up" toy from 1988. 

I've always had a thing about Freddy Krueger, he's my favourite "Anti-Hero" I even had a poster of him on the ceiling over my bed, I had a mask, glove and hat too and quite a few of the videos and "Freddy's Nightmares" TV Series all curtsey of my Big brother Carl - apart from the poster that is..

 Sometime around 1989, Carl gave me one of these toys (unpackaged) and I used to take him with me when I went somewhere where I felt I needed a mascot... he was also a great help to me; sitting on the end of my desk or in my top pocket while I sat my G.C.S.E Mocks and G.C.S.E Exams!

 But for some reason  one day I noticed he'd somehow broken his leg - this wasn't an issue though as his trousers held it in well enough that it never fell out and got lost.

What did get lost was my " Little Freddy"  himself  - I was gutted, I couldn't remember when the last time I saw him was or imagine whatever happened to him, but I never forgot him and always had dreams of replacing him, but I never managed to find another one like him again...

Until about 5 years ago, when I discovered by the awesomeness that is a combination of the Internet and Ebay, a man in America had one for sale and unopened too, and at a good price too, even with shipping costs to the U.K, so I placed a bid and thought I had no chance, lucky for me I won!

I'd never seen his packaging before so I was and still am so pleased to have another, although I'd still love to get another - without packaging - as every time I look at him, I want to open the package and carry him around with me, but at the same time I know opening the blister he's sitting in will destroy the packaging and I'd hate to do that.... so I guess for now or until I can find another, he'll stay as is.

Btw - The white thing in his hand is a little skull with a loop for his fingers to hold it, just in case you were  wondering.

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