Tuesday, 5 February 2013

When Makies & Lego Collide .... !

I'm sure if you read my first post describing the attributes of Makie Dolls, you'll know that they come with a removable "Back Plate"  which allows you to place a battery inside to power your "Lilypad Arduino" etc.

Well those clever people over at MakieLabs have come up with another idea for customising the back plate itself, just think of the possibilities of having a "Lego compatible Back Plate" - No seriously, they've actually had this idea, designed it and made a prototype... and here it is via a Forum Post from Jen:


A very snappy Makie backplate  

 jen (Staff - 120 Posts)  21 Jan, 2013 15:33

"Every Makie has a backplate, which you can remove to install wires and batteries for Arduino brains, or to hide special stuff - like spare hands, or maybe a secret stash of little sweets.

James, our resident product engineer, just prototyped a backplate with a really useful cutout:

Yep, he can snap bits of LEGO on there, like this!"

"There have got to be 1001(+) uses for this idea. I think gzorn might like a parachute…"

See what I mean? 

This could be so much fun and I just had to share it - there's been so much going on in those MakieLabs recently that I haven't really had much chance to share this with you, but wow "Robo - Makies are go"!! well perhaps they will be soon anyway, I guess we will have to wait and see if these become available to buy or to chose during the "Design Process".

Following several User posts offering suggestions the Designer - James, posted the following:

jamesl  Staff  (1 Posts)  24 Jan, 2013 10:48

"Hey, thank you for all you comments

As you can see this is an early prototype but I am working on some more items.

As soon as they are done I will post them. Thanks again"

So I guess this is another post I end with "Watch this space" or rather - keep an eye out over here:

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