Tuesday, 22 January 2013

♡♡♡ Yay ... Alice is finally finished! ♡♡♡

Alice is a Series 1, Little Big Eyes Doll from 2001 who was sent to me in my "birthday goodies Box" by my Dolly Friend Donna a couple of years back (pic's are up in older posts), she had a broken leg, which I did a step by step post while fixing a few months back, if you'd like to see the before pic's, you can find them in my "Doll and Toy Restorations" section...

 After I fixed her leg back on, removed her eyebrows, then I sanded and matted her face, gave her new eyelid make up, eyelashes a new "face up" and home made eye chips.

Then I made her outfit (that look the longest time, as I wasn't able to spend time just doing that and it's all hand all in all she's taken a couple of years... with the added bonus that I lost one of the sleeves I'd pre-made for her and had to make another, so it slowed me down... but I was determined to finish her last night and I did "Hurrah"!

 I also made a little heart patterned apron to go over the top of this outfit, which matched her "bunny hat" but after I'd finished the final sleeve and dressed her, I placed it on top and it looked way too much so, she's not going to be wearing it and now I have a "Blythe / Big Eyes" apron for someone else!

 I bought flat chips and cut out the eye decals to go inside each of them...

 Her dress is made in two parts - a short over dress with a long red trimmed skirt underneath - out of plain black poly cotton, decorated with lace trims.

 Under her dress she has black and red stripped tights and a pair of very cool black and red "punky style" boots with chains...

 Her "Bunny hat" is Loita style, made of black poly cotton on top and white, with red hearts pattern lining made of poly cotton, decorated with black lace and tied onto her head with thin black lace.

Her "Cameo brooch" was made from a tiny button and is set against her black lace collar.

Alice is the first "Big Eye (colour change type" Doll I've customised from start to finish... the reason I did so is because she came to me broken and I already have the same doll - boxed, so I felt she would be good practice for me and not such a hardship if I happened to mess up, as it was I didn't and I'm very happy with how she's turned out!

                           ********** More on Alice - 05 / 02 / 2013 ***********

Having just flicked through some photo's of Alice I took the day I received her and started work on her restoration - I'm even more pleased with the results as I can't help but find it so hard to believe that she is the same doll - even though I obviously know she is!

  She went from - Undressed for "Damage Assessment"

 To - Eyebrows and eye chips removed and body parts dismantled  for repairs...

 Next came - Reassembly (with newly attached working leg) - ready for  make up removal, new "home made" eye chips, new lashes, lip carving,  sanding, matting, "Face Up", sealing and a hand sewn outfit.

And finally, she became a Butterfly!