Saturday, 8 March 2014

Mimiwoo Collection Anthropomorphic "Albu" Doberman Pinscher doll

Once again I have been unable to:

1) stop myself from nosing around Mimiwoo's website & Ebay pages and
2) Buying more dolls!

Here's one of my latest "must-haves" from Mimiwoo webshop... she arrived this morning, and yes I'm in love yet again!

Albu is a custom made Hujoo doll, the designed by Mimi Collection and sold exclusively through the website and Ebay store, I fell for the brown skinned version, but as my son really likes the white skin; he has ideas for me to make him an Ooak it looks like I'll also be buying one in that tone soon too!

The doll is made of ABS Plastic and comes without a face up in a choice of either brown or white skin tone.

As this is a Hujoo doll, it is ball jointed and is strung throughout which aids movement and gives very good pose-ability for play or display.

 Albu takes size 14mm eyes, when placed they do not display the whites of the eyes or very little so it's worth thinking about investing in some whiteless or large pupil eyes for your doll.

Like Freya Hujoo by Junkyspot, Mimi Collection's Albu also has an attachable tail which comes with 2 magnets for fixing them onto her.

 Albu is quite heavy when compared to the weight of my other Hujoo dolls (Sauve baby, Wings, First Wave female, Nana Rabi & Freya) I think this is due to her body shape being a lot wider than all the other Hujoos I own, in fact everything about this doll is much chunkier, she's also the tallest of my Hujoos.

 Albu's body is very similar in style to an "Azone body" but similar in others to other Hujoo dolls as well!

This certainly makes it far easier to find clothing for her and also gives her a more "natural" (human body-shape) with or with out clothing.

In terms of movement, the knee and elbow joints movement is closer to the Azone body's, whereas the shoulder, hip, wrist and ankle joints all move in the same way as any of my other Hujoo dolls.

                                                        Body Info:

Height:  28cm (1:6 Scale)
Head Size:  6 - 7 Inch (Wig Size)
Skin Colours available: Brown or WHite.
Eyes: 14mm
Shoulder Width: 6.8cm
Arm Length: 8cm.
Chest Width: 12cm.
Waist: 10.5cm.
Hips: 14cm.
Legs: 11cm.
Foot Size: 3.5cm x 1.8cm.

The photos I've used in this post were found on Mimi Collection Website as I have only had enough time to unpack my new baby and tell you about her so no photos as ye... not even her own name!

Anyhoo, I'm sure you're now itching to get your hands on one too now, so here's a link to Mimi Collection's Hujoo Albu page, so you can chose your colour: Mimi's Albu Page

The above photo was also found on Mimi's website, I had to include it here as she looks so adorable. If it belongs to you, please let me know so I can credit you, thanks x


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