Thursday, 13 March 2014

1975 Sunshine family Dolls Sewing Pattern - McCALLS #4716 .

The 72 piece pattern contains everything you need to complete each of the outfits shown in a diagram on the left side of the packet:

For male Dolls: Jacket, Vest, Shirt, Overalls, Pants, Kerchief.

For female Dolls: Jumper, Skirt, Blouse, Apron, Shawl, Cape.

For Baby: Diaper, Bunting.

I still haven't found a physical copy of it yet, but I found the next best thing - an uploaded pattern, and not only that it was free, so I decided I'd share it here for anyone who is also looking for this pattern and having a humdinger of a time finding it, so here goes:

As I stated before, this pattern makes items which will fit the following vintage dolls - remember it was produced in 1975, so it will only fit certain body shapes, anyhoo, the dolls it will fit are:
GI Joe.
Sunshine Family.
Wild Bill Hickock.
Jesse James.
Bill Coey.
Wyatt Earp.
Davy Crockett.
Maddie Mod.
Prairie Country Western.
Bonnie Breck.
and other similar sized Fashion Dolls.

I haven't had a chance to print out and try these patterns yet, so I think I should warn you you may need to resize them when you do so...



Nolan Winter said...

Thanks for posting these patterns. My Sunshine Family will be extra Groovy in their new outfits. Loved your profile to. We are kindred spirits.

Herbie said...

You are very welcome Nolan, please let me know how they turn out as I'm yet to try this pattern for my Sunshine Family.If you'd like more freebie patterns I have a whole blog full of them, I maxed out my computer's memory and have been frantically uploading them over there for safe keeping... Shedfuls to upload too so, keep checking back or send me an email and I'll let you know if I have it and upload it for you *Grin* anyhoo, here's the link: