Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Blyth Doll aka Wink Doll aka Middie Blythe Clone Doll

I've just found this post (waiting for text) in my drafts folder and seeing as I posted my photographs of  Little Windy Wendy recently it made sense to finish this post and get it up online too, so here goes...

Here's the sales listing photo's - I find them very interesting to look back on as I did wonder when writing my last post about these dolls if it really was just the Strawberry Shortcake dress that persuaded me to choose the light pink haired girl over the others.

The dress definitely had a lot to do with it but I also still really like the red dress, I guess the deal breaker was I have an ADG Blythe with brown hair, an Icy "Death Misa" with bright yellow hair and a LBE with bright pink.

So the choice was really only between then light pink and the light blonde.

Sadly at the time I bought her I didn't have an idea how I was going to customise her or I would have bought the blonde as it fits the aesthetic better but meh it doesn't matter to me that much as I really don't like the blonde as much and there's no reason why "Daughter of  Windy Wendy" should have dirty blonde hair too!

As you can see from their almost nakie photoshoot they have really small bodies apart from their spindly little legs they resemble skinny Licca or Blythe like bodies.

Pose wise they are really not very good as they are only able to stand (with support) and can only sit with their legs out stretched.

They have no articulation in the body accept for at the hips and shoulders, (I haven't tried it) but I'm sure it would be easy to give them a body transplant.

As for clothing, it's not easy to find any as they have such weird measurements but they can fit into some Bratz tops, the trousers and skirts are far too big though - thinking about it that would actually work for "Little Windy" wearing her Mother's hand-me-downs!

As for shoes, it's a bit of a nightmare as they have crazy-tiny feet - seriously out of proportion to the rest of their bodies and can only fit Polly Pocket, Mini Pullip, Petite & LPS Blythe footwear ... See what I mean about being weird?! 

Oh well enjoy, or maybe not!
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