Sunday, 8 March 2015

=^_^= Catwalk Kitties Lanard 2004 - Ooak Custom Doll / Hybrid Monster High =^_^=

I first discovered Lanard's Catwalk Kitties a few years ago and fell in love, by then they were discontinued and as hard as hen's teeth to find.

The more I saw them the more I wanted one but one thing I wasn't so keen on was their lack of articulation so I began to look at them with customizer's eyes instead of doll collector's eyes and think about the types of bodies I could use to give then the extra articulation I felt they deserved, after I discovered Monster High dolls I knew I had found the perfect body, now all I had to do was decide which Catwalk Kitties' head I'd use and even harder, get my hands on one.

Once the idea had taken hold I couldn't look at these dolls without seeing them on Monster High bodies, the problem was which one would I use?

As they were so expensive to get hold of  decapitating and repainting seemed like such a sacrilegious thing to do so the only option I felt I'd have would be to find a Monster High doll that is a colour match for the Catwalk Kitties heads...
Thankfully Mattel kept releasing Monster High dolls in different skin tones so the idea became more of a possibility especially when they released Ghoulia Yelps, I really liked the idea of a grey cat doll - of course this was before Junkyspot brought out their Hujoo Freya and I had yet to buy one...

After I'd decided on the body I had to decide on the head, the great thing about Ghoulia is that her skin is light enough that if I had to paint or dye it to match a head it wouldn't take much to do so.

I put the idea aside for a couple of years until I could get hold of a Catwalk Kitties doll or head and make a start until last year when I found a seller who had three Lanard Catwalk Kitties heads for sell...

I decided on the"Topaz" head not only because she was the prettiest but she also  has grey skin which I thought would be a very close match to Ghoulia Yelps skin.

 Her hair was a bit of a mess, but no missing plugs and nothing a bit of conditioner couldn't put right and even better as it turned out she was a perfect match for Ghoulia's body.

This is the head I bought...

Once it arrived it took less than an hour until I had me a gorgeous Catwalk Kitties Hybrid to love!

I had a spare Jinafire Jong Scaris outfit which of course fitted her M.H body perfectly but she was still missing something... a tail!

That was seriously easy to remedy as I had a spare C.A.M cat tail which after several layers of grey paint and some sealant, went from bright pink to grey.

 I made a hole in Ghoulia's Back which was surprisingly easy and added the tail. The great thing about it is it fits perfectly and stays in place without any adhesive required and it can be posed as well.

Here she is hanging out with her boxed cousin Catrine DeMew...

All in all I'm very pleased with her, she was so easy to make and looks great in her Chinese style garb, the part that took the longest was getting hold of her head but once I get hold of that my new doll only took a couple of minutes to come together.

My Monster Highs accepted her into the family immediately too...

 "Gooble Gobble" and all that!
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