Tuesday, 31 March 2015

❂ Hujoo Suve - Mini Baby Doll ❂

It occurred to me while I was writing my Cojoo post that for some reason I've never gotten around to posting about my chocolate Suve doll after all I've had her for some time now, a couple of years in fact, and was positive that I had already shown her off on my blog... Ho hum

Perhaps it's because I have mentioned her in several other posts, still I guess I should hurry up and get on with it now I've started, so here goes...

Here's the size info' offered by Mimiwoo on the Ebay & Webshop listings:

There are three versions of  Hujoo Baby Dolls to choose from; Suve, Is & Ted.

Ted is the only boy version and is the same size in every way to the two female dolls, in fact the only difference with each of these dolls is their faceplates.

I think the reason I decided on Suve over the other two is because she had a look about her that reminded me of a baby blowing bubbles, especially in the photo below which was used to illustrate the listings 

 Also her eye holes are slightly rounder than the others which makes them look slightly larger, which I like in my dolls, although taking 10mm eyes they're not likely to look particularly big in any of their heads!

 She arrived very quickly as all my orders from Mimiwoo seem to and I immediately gave her the little eyes I had waiting for her and began to give her a bit of a face up, I also named her Ae Sook Aiko.

Then I remembered I hadn't taken any photographs of her so so I laid the little cutie down and went to get my camera..

At the time of her arrival I only had the one Hujoo - Akimoto, and he was itching to meet his new "Little Sister" so I hurried her into some clothes, grabbed her Space Hopper and took her off to meet him.

The two of them got on much better than I hoped. In fact Akimoto absolutely dotes on her and is as protective of her as any good "Big Brother" should be!

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