Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mattel Fashionista Swappin' Styles "Artsy" Nikki Restoration & Custom

A few months back I bought this bundle of dodgy looking Barbies just because I spotted the Fashionista Swappin' Styles "Artsy" Nikki head and really wanted to help her!

I'm sure the seller thinks I'm a mental, I mean look at the total insanity!

                                                Yeah I know she's a total mess, right?!

                 Cue months of dolly therapy and a body replacement for the poor little sod!

I decided on a Bratzilla "Sashabella Paws" body as I wanted the articulation, height and it's also a pretty good skin match albeit a tad orange but that won't be so apparent when she has some clothes on.

Anyhoo, here she is now...

She still has a slight blemish from the dots (freckles?) on her left cheek but they are barely noticeable - I will sort it out one day soon, I also need to do something about her chopped up hair...but for now I'm giving both of us a  bit of a rest!

Before I go, here's a before and after ...

Take Care,
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