Tuesday, 17 March 2015

*ºoº* JunkySpot Phoebe - Anthro Mouse BJD *ºoº*

It's no secret that I love Hujoo dolls, I already have six of these lovable dolls; Wings, Original Female, Suave, Freya, Nano Rabbit & Albu (designed by Mimi Collection) but I still can't help wanting more!

I'm always on the look out for a Cojoo in chocolate, seems as rare as hen's teeth in that skin tone ... Anyone know if ABS Plastic takes dye easily?

Please let me know if you do, although knowing my luck, I'd dye a Cojoo and then the market will get flooded with 100s of chocolate skin versions! 


Anyhoo, onto "Phoebe" ... It was on one of my recent hunts that I discovered this cute little Anthro who of course looked like she'd make a great addition to my ever expanding Hujoo Family, so of course I just had to have her!

She stands at 23cm, comes in either white or grey skin tone and "open eye" model only.

Here's a link to the Junky Spot listing for the white skin version on Ebay: PHOEBE Mouse Anthro BJD

Body wise she's identical to a standard female body, also used for Freya - minus the addition of a tail of course!

Like Freya & Freyr she was designed by Emory Sung of The Junky Spot. Additional information on Junky Spot listings states: "Production Design by Sunghyun Yoon of Hujoo and Emory Sung of The Junky Spot. Production and Manufacturing by Hujoo Korea."

Like other Hujoos she is cast in: "ABS vinyl/plastic, and strung like a traditional ball jointed doll."

As she has the same body as Freya and Female Hujoo dolls, Phoebe's body features the same 14 points of articulation with ball joints at the shoulders and hips.

The listings give the following measurements for Pheobe, which I can't say without checking on my previous posts if these are the same dimensions as the other Hujoo dolls I've mentioned but from memory, they are pretty close:

"Girth of neck : 4cm
Girth of Chest : 10.5cm
width of shoulders : 4 cm
Girth of Waist : 8cm
Girth of hips : 11cm"

Like other Hujoos her eyes and stringing is accessible by removing the plate on the back of her head.

"Phoebe" takes a size 14mm eyes, which the doll does not come with.

It's also worth noting that like Freya, Freyr & Nano Rabbit, she is not designed to wear a wig, due to her huge ears... However, if you're any good at making your own wigs, or handy with a pair of scissors you could either make or adapt a size 6.5 wig to fit her.

Here's my little girl (Hujoo number 7!!) having a cuddle with Mudwamp, while they both wait for face-ups.
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