Sunday, 29 March 2015

🌸 Sakura Toffee Doll - UPDATE! 20/03/2014 🌸

A week or so before Christmas  I posted about Toffee Dolls, as I'd just ordered Sakura and was keen to post about my soon to be new doll, well she arrived a couple of days later and OMG it's love!

Here's how she looked when I first got her out of her shipping box and untied the front cover of her book style box to see if I'd been lucky enough to have been sent one in the red kimono that I fell in love with, as I had seen some in pink... well lucky for me, she was exactly the one I wanted!

After removing the outer sleeve that covers her box, I was confronted by a full length viewing pane and found myself looking into two of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen...

The bottom of  her box contains information on the materials used to make the doll and additional information on the manufacturer "Huckleberry".

The viewing pane opens like a door with Sakura tied safely inside with ribbons.

Behind her is a removable back drop which is great for when you want to take photographs of her or to use as a backdrop for her when displaying her outside of her box.

Between her back drop and the back of her box was her Certificate of Authenticity which shows her number of production.

Toffee dolls are all Limited Editions and Sakura is one of 1,000 dolls sold Worldwide.

The reason why you may see some of these dolls made and dressed in different fabrics to the one I own is due to later editions being produced after the fabrics used to create mine running out!

Huckleberry state on their website that they have limited stocks of these particular fabrics and so differences between advertised dolls and the one you find inside your girl's box once you open her may be different in terms of colour and patterns.

The bottom of Sakura's box also notes (not in so many words) that this may in fact be the case.

Her hair is kept in perfect condition inside a hairnet while her two side long "side bangs" are kept neatly in place wrapped inside plastic tubes.

For added security (to prevent movement during transit) they are held to the sleeves of her kimono using tiny little plastic ties.

Sakura's face and arms look and feel like they are made of porcelain, albeit slightly warmer, but they are in fact made of Polyurethane Plastic.

Her beautiful big eyes are made of acrylic and her face is hand painted.

Her outfit is handmade in traditional style using Japanese fabric.

Her cute little shoes are also handmade from patent faux leather and look so adorable on her dainty little feet.

She also comes with a dainty little stand which is pretty inconspicuous when she is standing up with the help of it.

She arrived very early one morning and after I took the above photographs while deboxing her and I must of ended up having a little sleepy as I awoke to maniacal laughter...

After uploading the photographs I'd taken onto my computer, I had a quick shifty through them and discovered the reason for the insane laughter I'd heard...

Like the big child I am - I'd fallen asleep with my new dolly in my arms only to discover much later that a beardy little imp called Aaron had gotten photographic evidence of the whole affair!

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