Tuesday, 31 March 2015

☼ Studio Uoo - Wanda & Ponda Pond ☼

I've recently placed an order with Studio Uoo...

The first time I tried to buy a Wonder Frog was around a year ago when I had been exploring Wu Studio Online Shop and was about to place a very large order for several full size dolls and accessories but was unable to enter my delivery details into the website's forms as it was only set up for Chinese addresses ...

so I emailed them, explaining the situation, sending a screenshot of my order (of over £150) and requesting help but I never received a reply.
I knew a Flickr friend from Spain had purchased from them and have seen so many in the hands of American collectors so I knew there must be an English language based website from which to order, and if so the non-reply to my email could have been due to the language barrier but it so frustrated me that after fruitlessly searching so many times over the months for this elusive website from which to order so I gave up on the idea of ever owning a Wanda or even better a Greig Marsh.

Full size Grieg Marsh

Fast forward to 23rd March this year and ... I'm not too sure what possessed me, I don't remember actually having anything in mind but I found myself just playing about with Google - I do this sometimes and often when I do I find many interesting things I never knew existed, but anyway this time I absent mindedly found myself searching for Studio Uoo and this time I not only find the website and all manner of adorable things contained therein, sadly most of which were sold out, like my long coveted Greig Marsh Tadpole Doll.

Mini Greig Marsh
The Wanda I've always wanted is the bright green one but more than I wanted the froggy I really wanted the tadpole I've wanted that doll for close on 5 years now and depressingly he was sold out in both the 13+ cm and 5 cm versions.

Mini Ponda Ponds
I had a look through the other 5 cm tadpoles on offer and after spotting Ponda Pond decided on her as she is light coloured enough so that I could more than likely customise or even turn her into a Greig if I want too after I've got to know her a bit.

So now I had a mini tadpole in my basket and I got to thinking "What a great little friend for Mudwamp these little anthro's would make" so I did another search but this time for the mini versions and yay, after noticing that they not only had the green Wanda I love in a mini version but it was also in stock!

Mini Wanda The Wonder Frog

So into the basket that went too! Now comes the worst part of ordering any dolls from The Orient and that's the wait but it can't be helped so they always have the best toys!

Annoyingly, while writing this post I couldn't resist going back to Studio Uoo for another look about well it can't be helped there are so many wants over there and now I know it's possible to purchase from them and stupidly easy too..

So anyway nosing around I discovered something exciting... Guess who's back in stock?

I feel another shopping trip coming on lol now if I can just remember my password...!

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